10 Fun And Memorable Mother’s Day Activities

This will be my fourth year celebrating Mother’s Day and the first with my 3 month old daughter — needless to say I am really looking forward to spending the day with my husband and kids!

However, as much as I would love to just sit back, relax and do NADA the reality is that’s just not going to happen! I’m sure this is the same for all mamas out there — we get flowers, a gift, a card and maybe have breakfast made, but what about the rest of the day?

Here I’ve put together ten fun activities that you can do with baby, toddler and the hubby which are both fun and create lasting memories. Now you can always say “remember that Mother’s Day when…”

Happy Mother’s Day — Here’s to simply being AWESOME!

Fun And Memorable Mother’s Day Activities

Let’s face it, it may be OUR day but us moms still have to keep the family fun going. Here are ten fun activities that are sure to make your Mother’s Day extra memorable!

Mother’s Day Mud Pie

This is possibly the best fun for any toddler! If you don’t mind a mess, this is a guaranteed good time. Toddler will love making a special pie for you — and make sure to top it off with leaves, sticks, rocks and even a little bit of glitter. Add a candle and light to really celebrate your day!

Mother’s Day Puppet Show

Babies will love this! Guaranteed to get big laughs — role play with stuffed animals or draw a happy face on a sock and put on a show. A fun activity the entire family can enjoy. Older siblings can create characters and act out just how much they love you!

Be A Tourist In Your Town!

We personally love going into Washington, D.C. our closet major city for family time. Get those family pics by local monuments or landmarks and commemorate your special day. Later on print images and frame with “Mother’s Day 2022″ to remember your special day!

Shake, Shake, Shake!

One of my favorite activities ever! Babies love the excitement of watching you move and jump and toddler love any excuse to get down and shake their cute little booties. Celebrate Mother’s Day with a little dance party and make sure to get daddy up and dancing too. Guaranteed F-U-N!

Family Walk

We lived in London for six years and there wasn’t a park we didn’t explore and walk through. It’s a great way to get outdoors, let baby get fresh air and let the toddlers run free. Also relaxes you and daddy. Simple yet one of my all time favorite family activities. Why not start a tradition? The annual Mother’s Day walk in the park!

Family Picnic

A great way to get outdoors without having to go very far — especially with a new baby. Lay out a blanket and enjoy a coffee while the toddler explores and has a snack. Younger babies will enjoy the fresh air and it’s a great way to relax. We rarely have a chance to just sit but have daddy keep an eye on the kiddies while you enjoy fun in the sun.

Family Painting Session!

Make sure you definitely do this one outdoors! Set up paint and paper and stomp around to get family footprints — and then do the hands! You can commemorate this Mother’s Day by dating each one and taking pictures of you getting messy with the kids. Make sure daddy leaves his prints too!

Start A Family Garden!

Now that we are living in a house I am taking full advantage of our garden. Instead of planting seeds which isn’t very excting for the little ones, plant colorful flowers — one for each member of the family “mommy flower, daddy flower, baby flower and toddler flower” They will enjoy being outdoors, getting a little messy and you will always remember the special flowers you planted on mommy’s day!

Mommy BBQ!

So your little ones can’t help much here, but you and daddy can enjoy time outdoors while grilling and spending time outdoors. Daddy can work the grill while you and the kiddies paint, plant or play hide and seek! I’m a BBQ kind of gal, so this is perfect for me!

I Love You Video!

My four year old loves watching videos from when he was a baby! Grab your phone or camera and celebrate your day by recording special messages to each other. You can say “it’s Mother’s Day 2013 and my little guy gave me…” then point camera to them. If you have a baby, record a special message to them saying how wonderful they have made your first Mother’s Day. Be silly! Sing, dance and make it a good one — they will be watching it for years to come.

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