19 Brand names that also double as great baby names

When brainstorming baby names, the best advice I can offer is to leave no stone unturned. Sometimes, the best baby name inspiration can come from the least expected places — yes, even brand names.

While the idea of giving your little one a name that’s shared with a brand might sound a bit strange at first, don’t rule it out yet. You just may find a hidden gem in the mix. Here are 19 names you might want to consider.

1. Levi

Levi, the name synonymous with classic denim jeans, also happens to make a great name for a little boy. It’s classically cool and just unusual enough to keep it interesting.

2. Ford

While Ford may conjure up images of rugged, 4-wheel drive pick-up trucks, this all-American brand could also make the perfect name for a little man. It also has a presidential ring to it.

3. Zara

I just love the name Zara for a little girl. Although some may be reminded of the retail clothing chain, it still doesn’t feel overly “brand-y” and it’s got just the right amount of exotic flair.

4. Harley

If you happen to be a biker, or simply a lover of Harley Davidson motorcycles, perhaps this is the right moniker for your little one. Even if bikes aren’t your thing, this is a really adorable name that could work for a boy or a girl.

5. Chase

While Chase may be the name emblazoned across your bank card, it’s also a already fairly popular boy’s name — so it may be a safer choice for those who want a name that doesn’t scream “brand.”

6. Apple

Apple could bring to mind a plethora of tech products (like your beloved iPhone), this name obviously has its roots in nature. It’s a sweet and quirky option for a little girl — and hey, it’s good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin!

7. Gibson

For the musician parents-to-be, the name Gibson (as in Gibson guitars) could hold a special meaning. I love this name for a boy and have never actually heard of anyone with it, so it would likely be a truly unique option.

8. Macy

Macy’s may be a department store favorite with a long and iconic history, but remove the “s” and you’ve got a cute name choice for a baby girl. I can just picture a little Macy running around … sweet, but a spitfire!

9. Chanel

Famed designer Coco Chanel is forever tied to luxury and elegance; and so is the brand she created as her namesake. If you’re looking for a girl’s name with just the right touch of class, then Chanel just might be for you.

10. Benz

I love, love, LOVE the name Benz. While it is part of the Mercedes brand (another great name option!), it also sounds a lot like the more common name Ben, so Benz feels like a fresh take.

11. Emerson

Who knew that the name of an electronics manufacturer would make such an adorable baby name? Emerson is also a unisex name, great choice for a boy or a girl.

12. Wrigley

Wrigley is one of those brand names that likely elicits fond memories of childhood chewing gum bubble blowing contests. Or, if you’re a Cubs fan, it might make you think of Wrigley Field. It’s fun and quirky, and perhaps just the right contender for a soon-to-be baby boy.

13. Evian

Naming your baby after bottled water? Well, when it sounds this pretty, why not? You have to admit, Evian has quite an ethereal ring to it and is lovely for a baby girl. You could also shorten it, to a nickname like Evie or Eve.

14. Tyson

If you end up choosing the name Tyson for your little one, perhaps they’ll be excited when they learn one day that they just so happen to share their name with a brand of chicken. I mean, what kid doesn’t love chicken nuggets?

15. Canon

Once your little one arrives, you’ll definitely be taking lots of photos (possibly a Canon camera), so why not give them a photography-inspired name? This name sounds strong and fresh, interesting without trying too hard.

16. Delta

I wonder if Delta airlines would offer your little one frequent flier miles if they found out they were your baby’s namesake? Such a cute name for a little girl, with a great Southern feel.

17. Bell

The name Bell (shared with Bell Telephone Company) is such a lovely breath of fresh air. A pretty and unique name for a little girl.

18. Calvin

Borrowing the name Calvin (or Klein for that matter!) from clothing designer Calvin Klein could be a nice name option for your little man. It’s got a perfectly classic and sophisticated vibe to it.

19. Lincoln

Who knew car brands could be such an inspiring place to search for baby names? Lincoln is no different. In addition to being a car brand, it also has historical roots, thanks to the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. While this name might traditionally be thought of as a boy’s name, it certainly works as a girl’s name, too. (Think: Lincoln Shepard, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s firstborn.)

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