3 Fun Ways to Give Baby Gifts

Toss the gift boxes and the average-looking gift bags for a different presentation approach. Presenting your uniquely wrapped present will induce smiles of appreciation and guests won’t be able to wait to open your gift. Whether giving a baby present to a close family friend or a relative, a stunning gift presentation will please mom, dad and baby.

Loaded Carriage

Use a baby doll carriage as a basket for the gift presentation. You can find one at a toy store or second hand shop. As the child gets older, she will have a carriage to play with.

Place a soft blanket in the carriage, such as the soft, luxurious Cream Cashmere Baby Blanket.

Personalize the blanket by having the baby’s name embroidered along with her birth date on the hem. Roll baby washcloths and tie them together with silk ribbon in an attractive bundle.

Fill the carriage with toys like rattles, blocks and a stuffed animal. Tie a large silk ribbon around the carriage.

Bath Goodies

Shop around for a plastic baby tub, and load the tub with bathing items. Place a bathing mat at the bottom of the tub. Treat baby to lavender-scented bathing gel and lotion. Add bath toys like a squeaking duck or rubber car to the tub.

Choose a couple of towels with a hood on them, such as Personalizable Baby Hooded Towel, which is made from plush thirsty terry.

Have the baby’s name embroidered on the hood of the towel. Choose between pink or blue towels. Soft, microfiber washcloths are good additions for a tub brimming with gifts as well.

Pail of Frogs

Start this gift presentation with a silver-colored pail or waste bucket. This container will serve as the garbage can for the nursery. Paint or stencil the baby’s name on the front of the pail to personalize it.

Wad up newspaper and put it on the bottom of the pail. Roll three or four lime green baby blankets and tie each one with a green silk ribbon. Place the rolled blankets on top of the newspaper in the pail.

Add a one-piece pajama set with a frog motif. Soft frog toys and frog-themed books are great additions as well. When you have filled the bucket, place it inside a cellophane bag.

Tie the top of the bag with a twist tie, and then add a bright green ribbon. Dangle a collection of frog ornaments from the top of the bag for a pretty decoration.

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