8 Things I did differently that I believe helped me get Pregnant

I have been writing on the Pregnancy channel for close to 2 years now. I have enjoyed sharing my stories with you about baby fever. When we decided to finally start trying to make our fourth baby, I had no idea that I would have so much trouble. In the past, I’ve never had trouble getting pregnant, but this time was so different. I was already focused on what I could do to help prevent another miscarriage, but I was smacked on the side of the head when secondary infertility crept into our life.

While I know that many others have been struggling for longer periods of time, I believe that when your fertility comes into question, you start to go into a bit of a panic mode. Month after month of seeing negative pregnancy tests, going through more testing and more questions and more medications can leave you feeling pretty defeated.

In the 14 months that I battled with infertility, I went through all of it and it was so far from easy. As I’ve said, I was nearing that point of coming to the idea that it just wasn’t in the cards for us, that maybe it just wasn’t going to happen. And then it did.

As I had my medication increased and I fought harder to get pregnant, there were a few things that I changed up during the final month of infertility before we finally conceived. I believe that these changes all helped us get there. I obviously don’t have scientific proof, but I truly believe that the small changes I made had a huge impact and here I am 11 weeks pregnant.

8 Things I did that I believe helped me finally get Pregnant

Make a few changes

  • I made a few changes for that last month and our 14th cycle of trying to conceive and I believe these changes are what helped us finally conceive.

Reduced caffeine and sugar

  • I was never really a heavy coffee drinker, but I would have one to two cups a day. I dropped down to one every other day and decreased my sugar-intake only eating natural sugars in fruit and vegetables.


  • I finally bit the bullet and shelled out about $40 for a tube of sperm-friendly lubrication. With the medication I was on, it was proving to be a necessary thing and the only month we used it was the month we got pregnant.

Stopped worrying about fertile zone

  • I stopped paying attention to the fertile zone and just went by the calendar. We did the deed from cycle day 7 on through well past our ovulation every other day.

Exercised regulary

  • I was slowly adding in an exercise routine, but the month we got pregnant was about 3 months in and I was starting to work out longer. I got a heart rate monitor watch as a gift from my husband and focused more on keeping my heart rate up verses how hard I was working out.

We decided to take a break

  • It was a long time trying to conceive for us and we had decided that if we didn’t get pregnant that month that we would take 3 months off the tracking and medication. We weren’t going to try to stop it from happening, but we weren’t going to put such a huge focus on it.

I increased my medication

  • I called my doctor up after the last cycle and asked if we could up my Clomid dose to 150mg a day. It was the highest he was willing to go and although it looked like I ovulated on the 100mg dose, I wasn’t convinced. We upped it for that month and got pregnant.

I increased my water intake

  • Dehydration can cause so many issues and I was for sure not drinking enough. I increased my overall water intake — in both just glasses of water, watermelon, green tea and an occasional glass of fruit juice.

I increased my calories

  • I never ate enough. I am a busy mom and I never made the time for myself to make sure I was eating enough. It’s no wonder that my metabolism tanked, so I increased my caloric intake to 1500 calories. I tracked it using an app on my phone and made sure I at least hit that many, it was harder than I thought it would be, but I do think it helped a lot.

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