Boy names that start with C

For baby boy names that are classic, creative, clever, or Celtic—and begin with the letter C—we’ve got hundreds to choose from.

ChristopherChristopher is the patron saint of travellers, controversial “discoverer” of the New World, and Winnie the Pooh’s sole human…
CalebIn the Bible, Caleb, along with Joshua, was one of the only two Isrealites who left Egypt with Moses and lived long enough…
CameronCameron is the name of a great Highland clan that means (you guessed it) “crooked nose”, which, as everyone knows, adds character…
CharlesDerived from the Germanic Karl, Charles is a royal name borne by ten kings of France and introduced to Great Britain by Mary…
ConnorIrish names are hot hot hot right now and Connor is riding the wave. Connor hails from the Gaelic Conchobar and means “wolf…
ChristianChristian has become the ultimate cool boy’s name. Currently at an all-time popularity high as a boy’s name, in the middle…
ColeEnglish:Dark; also a nickname for Nicholas
CarlosSpanish Origin
CooperCooper Union is a tuition-free college for architects, engineers, and artists in downtown New York.
CarterEnglish:Drives a cart; from a surname and occupational name
ColinEnglish OriginAbbreviation of Nicholas
ChrisEnglish:A nickname for Christian or Christopher, though Chris easily stands as an independent name
CharlieEnglish Origin
CarsonEnglish:son of the marsh-dweller
CarlEnglish:Strong, manly; See also Karl
CoryCory is such an 80s boy name. And like many other things that were beloved in that era (neon and scrunchies come to mind)…
ConnerIrish:Wolf lover
ClarkEnglish:Surname and occupational name for a clerk or secretary.
ConradJoseph Conrad, author of several books including the classic
Heart of Darkness, was said to spend hours searching for the…
ChesterEnglish:Lives at the camp of the soldiers; an old Roman (Rochester) settlement in Britain
ClintonEnglish:Surname; from the headland estate or hillside town
ConorIrish:Wolf lover
CliffordEnglish:Lives near the ford by the cliff; Children will recognize this name for the beloved, classic canine character Clifford the…
CollinEnglish Origin
CassidyGaelic OriginClever or curly-headed
CyrusGreek OriginSun or enthroned; Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon and founded the Persian Empire.
CraneNature/bird name for a genus of large birds with long legs and neck. Word name for a machine. A verb meaning “to extend one’s…
ChanceFrench Origin
CadeEnglish:Round or barrel
CheSpanish Origin
CampbellGaelic:Crooked mouth; name of a famous Highland clan
ClaudeThis name is anything but “lame.” It has both male and female variations, and is taken from the Latin Claudius. For you history…
CormacA Romanesque church at Cashel in Ireland is known as Cormac”s Chapel, for the Ulster king who built it, Cormac mac Carthaig…
CareyCeltic:Near the castle
CrispinEnglish OriginCurly-haired. The third-century martyr Saint Crispin is known as patron of shoemakers.
CliveEnglish:Lives near a cliff
CarlinGaelic:Little champion
CadenCaden, along with it’s rhyming brothers Aiden, Braedon and Jaden, has a modern appeal that’s become mega fashionable.
ColtonEnglish:From the coal town or dark town
CurtThe short form of Curtis, Curt is short, tough, and to the point. Fun fact: there are a ton of professional baseball players…
CamdenScottish:From the winding valley; a surname adapted to first name use, and a place name of a section of London.
CorbinThe Corbin was an early 20th century automobile. Corbin was the mystical castle of the Holy Grail in Arthurian legend (also…
CohenHebrew:Surname, priest
ColtEnglish:From the dark town
CanyonEnglish:Nature name
CassiusLatin:Vain; a name recognized worldwide as belonging to the great boxer Cassius Clay, now known as Muhammad Ali
ChanningEnglish:Of uncertain origin, possibly related to French meaning canal or indicating a church official; The spelling is suggestive…
ClydeScottish:Place name referring to the River Clyde in Scotland
CortezSpanish:A surname, possibly meaning courteous; The Spanish explorer and adventurer Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztec civilization…
CordEnglish OriginHonest advisor
CableEnglish OriginRope, ropemaker; also an English surname
CaceIrish Origin