Boy names that start with E

EricEric is a mighty name. According to Norse legend, the Viking Leif Ericson (son of the super-manly Eric the Red) landed on…
Ethan“Strong” and “firm” Ethan is a mega-popular name for boys right now. While the name appears in the Bible eight times, more…
ElijahElijah has one of the more awesome biblical backstories amongst boy names. Elijah was a prophet who, at the end of his life…
EmmanuelIn the Bible, Emmanuel is another name for Jesus, the Messiah. But don’t let that go to your little boy’s head. Emmanuel…
EliThere will be a lot of Elis in the next few decades—the name whiich has been around forever (first as a short form of Elijah…
EvanWhile Evan has been a go-to name in Wales for centuries, it’s only recently become one of the “in” names in the US. The Welsh…
EdwardTraditionally viewed as a regal name (it was the name of eight kings of England since the Norman Conquest, after all), Edward…
EzraThe biblical Ezra was an Old Testament prophet who led the Isrealites back to Jerusalem and author of the Book of Ezra. The…
EzekielHebrew:God strengthens; The biblical Ezekiel was a prophet among the captives taken to Babylon at the fall of Jerusalem. The Old…
EliasFormerly Puritan name Elias, has made it to the mainstream—and made it big. The Greek variation of the classic Elijah,…
ElliotEnglish Origin
EdgarGerman:Prosperous spearman
EugeneGreek:Well born, noble
EverettEnglish:Brave boar; variant of Eberhard and Everard
ElliottEnglish:The Lord is my God; variant of Elijah
ErikDanish Origin
EduardoEduardo—it’s not just for the exotic and swarthy anymore. In fact, it’s now almost as popular as the more traditional name…
EmmettEnglish:Industrious, strong
EnzoNickname for Lorenzo
EllisEnglish:The Lord is my God; variant of Elijah
EdwinEnglish:Wealthy friend
EarlEnglish:Nobleman; a name based on the English aristocratic title
EstebanThe Spanish version of Stephen, Esteban has experienced a steady rise in popularity since the 1960s, and is looking to become…
EastonEnglish:From the eastern town; surname
EmanuelSpanish Origin
EmilioSpanish Origin
EdmundEnglish:Wealthy protector
EmilianoLove Emily but your bundle of joy is sporting blue? Emiliano is a gorgeous Spanish and Italian variation of Emil, the male…
EdisonEnglish:Son of Edward
EzequielSpanish:God strengthens
ElvinEnglish:Elf friend, noble friend; variant of Alvin.
EdEnglish Origin
EtienneEver heard the claim that everything sounds better in French? It’s true, even Steve (sorry, Steves)! Etienne is the French…
EwanIrish OriginYoung
EatonEnglish:Town or settlement by the river; surname
EmerilItalian:Meaning unknown
ElginCeltic:Noble; white.
EddyEnglish Origin
EllisonEnglish:Son of Elder
EltonEnglish:From the old town
EduardFrench Origin
ErrolGerman:Nobleman; based on the English aristrocratic title of Earl
EvanderLatin:Good man; also a deity of Roman mythology
EarvinEnglish:Friend or handsome; variant of Irving
EsauHebrew:Hairy; In the book of Genesis, Esau is Jacob”s older twin brother and a skilled and adventurous hunter.
EverAn ever-unusual name for a boy, this name has seen an unexpected rise in popularity in the last several years thanks to celebs…
EmilGerman OriginDerived from a Roman clan name meaning industrious
EfrainEfrain is used exclusively by Spanish-speakers, a variant of the Hebrew name Ephraim. It’s enjoyed a consistently moderate…
ElwoodEnglish:From the old forest
EdmondFrench Origin
EloiFrench OriginChosen one; abbreviation of Eligius
EachanScottish:Brown horse
EachthighearnGaelic:Horse lord
EaldunEnglish:From the elves”valley
EamonGaelic Origin