Boy names that start with F

FrankEnglish:Free man; a nickname for Francis or Franklin but not uncommon as an independent name
FrancisLatin:Free one, Frenchman; Saint Francis of Assisi was an Italian priest who founded the Franciscan order.
FernandoFernando conveys a sense of spirit and adventure, which is appropriate considering its meaning. The name has experienced…
FinnFinn has officially arrived. Whether it’s the rising popularity of Irish names or Glee’s Finn Hudson, this charming and cute…
FranciscoAs the Spanish version of Francis, Francisco certainly possesses a lot more flair and panache, which may be why it’s so much…
FrederickSon of British royal George III
FabianEnglish OriginBean farmer; derived from the Roman clan name Fabius, a name given several Roman emperors and 16 saints
FranklinEnglish:Free man, landholder
FlynnFlynn evokes images of a dashing, swashbuckling hero—thanks to 40s screen star Errol Flynn and, more recently, Tangled’s…
FrankieEnglish:Diminutive of Frank Free; a free man. Frankie is occasionally used for girls.
FabioYou might have read one too many romance novels if you’re eyeing this name. Fabio is an attractive Italian name with deep…
FerrisCeltic:Rock, highest choice; possibly derived from Fergus or may be an Irish variant of Peter. The name Ferris was brought to prominence…
FreddyGerman:Variant of Frederick peaceful ruler.)
FedericoItalian:Peaceful ruler
ForestForest hails from Old French origins and means—what else—”woodsman” or “wood.” And even though the spelling is more…
FletcherEnglish:Profession name, arrow maker
FinlayGaelic:Small blond soldier
FredrikScandinavian:Peaceful ruler.
FyodorRussian Origin
FakhirArabic:Proud, honorary
FrederekSwedish:Peaceful ruler
FoxEnglish:Nature name
FridayHis boy Friday? Eh…not so much. The final work day of the week, Friday is rarely used as a person’s name, and it should…
FalconEnglish:Surname relating to falconry.
FitzEnglish:Surname prefix meaning son of; sometimes a familiar form name for these Fitz- names
FlintEnglish:Place-name and surname. Flint stone produces a spark of fire when struck by steel.
FallonIrish:In charge; surname used as a first name
FritzGerman:German form of Frederick
FinneganIrish:Fair; Irish surname given notoriety by James Joyce”s novel Finnegan”s Wake
FellNorse:From the rough hill
FalcoLatin:Surname relating to falconry
FindlayGaelic:Small blond soldier
FraserScottish:Origin unclear, possibly of the forest men or curly-haired; name of a major Scottish clan.
FreddieGerman:Peaceful ruler; variant of Frederick
FlinnIrish:Son of a red-haired man.
FiorelloItalian:Little flower
FarisArabic:Knight, horseback rider
FredericFrench:Peaceful ruler
FaridArabic:One of a kind
FabionEnglish Origin
FabriceFrench:From the Latin word for craftsman, one who works with his hands
FabumiAfrican:Gift of God
FachnanIrish:Meaning unknown; Saint Fachnan became the first bishop of Kilfenora, Ireland in the twelfth century.
FadilArabic:Virtuous, excellence, superior, benefit, favor, eminent, grace, distinguished
FadyenkaTeutonic:Divine gift
FaeganEnglish Origin
FaerwaldEnglish:Powerful traveler
FafnerNorse:A mythical dragon
FaIIonIrish:Ruler; surname sometimes used as first name