Boy names that start with G

George. Gabriel. Griswald. If you’re on the hunt for a great baby boy name that starts with the letter G, look no further!

GabrielOne of seven archangels, Gabriel appeared to Mary to give her the news of her pregnancy and impending birth of Jesus, and…
GeorgeAs demonstrated by Prince William and Kate Middleton naming their firstborn son, George, it’s quite the illustrious name…
GavinGavin has had a meteoric rise to the top. Perhaps due to musicians Gavin DeGraw and Gavin Rossdale (aka Mrs. Gwen Stefani)…
GregoryQuite the illustrious name, indeed. The name of several saints and popes, Pope Gregory I fostered the development of Gregorian…
GarrettEnglish:Variant of Gerald rules by the spear.
GrantEnglish:Bestow or great; tall. The American General and president Ulysses S. Grant. Surname.
GiovanniGiovanni is a classic name made cool again, and it’s poised to crack the Top 100 boys names. Its ties to Italy make it exotic…
GraysonEnglish:Son of the reeve or Gray-haired: son of the Gray family; son of Gregory.
GaleEnglish:Lively; now rarely given as a name for boys
GrahamEnglish Origin
GregFrom Greg Brady to Greg Kinnear, Greg definitely evokes a wholesome 50s vibe. It hit its peak in 1961 and has been on the…
GeraldEnglish OriginRules by the spear
GilbertEnglish Origin
GordonScottish Origin
GlennCeltic:From the valley
GustavoDerived from the royal Scandinavian name Gustave, Gustavo is not as unique a name as you might think. It reached an all-time…
GarrisonEnglish:Spear-fortified town
GlenGaelic:From the glen or valley
GerardGerman:Spear strength, brave with a spear; introduced to England through the Norman conquest, Gerard has remained popular since…
GusNickname for Augustus.
GreysonEnglish:Gray-haired: son of the Gray family; son of Gregory.
GabeHebrew Origin
GarethSon of Lot
GarthEnglish OriginGarden; from a surname, indicating someone who lived near or worked in a garden
GideonHebrew:Feller of trees
GarnerEnglish OriginKeeper of grain; surname used as a first name
GilFrench OriginHappiness
GiorgioItalian Origin
GustavFrench OriginStaff of the Goths; a name borne by several Swedish kings
GoranSwedish Origin
GarettEnglish:Variant of Gerald rules by the spear.
GeneWhen you think old and outdated names, Gene is probably at the top of the list. Since its happy-go-lucky heyday in the Gene…
GunnerSwedish:Battle strong
GuntherGerman:Battler; warrior.
GarretEnglish:Variant of Gerald rules by the spear.
GarfieldEnglish:From the spear field; surname
GallagherGaelic OriginEager helper; surname
GarsonEnglish:Son of Gar
GiulioItalian:Youthful; Variant of Julian and Julio.
GarciaSpanish:An old surname of uncertain etymology; possibly means fox
GiuseppeItalian:He shall add
GinoGino is the smooth, Italian cousin to the nerdy Eugene. It’s a staple in its home country and is familiar to American ears…
GrangerEnglish OriginFarmer; surname; Grange organizations have served US rural agricultural communities for almost 150 years, providing not only…
GroverEnglish:Lives in the grove
GriffithA murderer
GaagiiNative American:Raven (Navajo)
GabekCzech Origin
GabianSpanish Origin
GabieHebrew Origin
GabrieleItalian Origin
GadhiHindi:Father of Vishvamitra
GadiArabic:Capricorn (Zodiacal sign), kid, my gift, my present; derived from Gada or Gadwa, meaning a gift or a present