Boy names that start with H

For baby boy names that start with the letter H, we’ve got hundreds of options, like Hayden, Heath, Henry, and Howard.

HenryConsidered powerful and traditional in Britain, and independent and folksy in the US, Henry is a timeless boys name that…
HaydenEnglish:From the hedged valley; surname adapted to given name use
HarperWhat used to be considered a boys name in the 1800s, Harper gained mainstream popularity when author Harper Lee published…
HunterEnglish:To hunt; an occupational name
HarryEnglish:Familiar form of Herald or Henry; Harry Potter is the young wizard in the extremely popular series of children”s books by…
HugoGerman:Variant of Hugh a thinker. See also Keegan.
HectorGreek:Steadfast; from Greek legend, a hero of Troy in the Trojan war
HarrisonEnglish:Son of Harry; surname
HaleEnglish:From the remote valley, healthy; an English surname and a Hawaiian variant of Harry
HaroldEnglish OriginArmy commander; Harald has been popular since the Vikings and was borne by several kings of Norway
HeathEnglish:An open area of land covered by heather or the heather itself; a familiar form for Heathcliff and related names
HughEnglish:Intelligent, thoughtful
HarveyEnglish OriginEager for battle; based on the Old German name Herewig
HoldenEnglish:From the hollow in the valley; Holden Caulfield is the young, disillusioned main character of J.D. Salinger”s novel The…
HamiltonEnglish:From the proud town, estate; surname of one of the great families of Scotland
HankEnglish OriginRules his household; variant of Henry
HerbertFrench OriginIllustrious warrior; a name introduced to Britain by the Normans
HannibalPhoenician:Grace of God; name of a famous Carthaginian general who fought the Roman Empire and is remembered for his tactical genius…
HutchinsonEnglish:Child of the hutch, child of the rural working class
HoratioLatin:Keeper of the hours; derived from the same root as Horace and a Roman surname, Horatio was adapted to given name use centuries…
HalEnglish:A familiar form usually for Henry but also for Halden, Hall, and related names
HubertGerman:Bright in spirit; Saint Hubert is the patron saint of hunters.
HowieEnglish:Nichname for Howard, Howland and similar names
HawkEnglish:Hunting bird; When this name was created, hunting with hawks was considered an aristocratic sport.
HudsonHudson is an Old English surname—literally meaning “son of Hudd”—that’s enjoyed a heightened popularity as a strong boy’s…
HowardEnglish:High watchman, noble watchman; an English surname of a historically powerful family
HadleyEnglish:From the heath or heather-covered meadow; a surname
HusseinArabic:Good, handsome; The founder of Shiite Islam was named Hussein.
HawthorneEnglish:Shrub related to the apple family, known for its pink and white flowers and its red fruit
HarleyEnglish:From the hare”s meadow; Harley is a surname associated with the famous Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Traditionally a boys”…
HyattEnglish:From the high gate; surname.
HansonScandinavian:John”s son; also a variant of Anson
HaywardEnglish:Ward or guardian of the hedged area
HuntEnglish:Pursue; a surname adapted to given name use and a familiar form of Hunter, Huntley, and similar names
HydeEnglish:A name with several meanings, the oldest is likely deer and from the deer hide, but also may refer to a measure of land,…
HoraceLatin:Keeper of the hours, timekeeper; derived from the Roman family clan name Horatius, and the name of a famous Roman poet
HowellWelsh:Eminent, prominent; an Anglicized variation of Hywel
HartleyEnglish:From the stag”s meadow; surname
HuntleyEnglish:From the hunter”s meadow; surname
HaigEnglish:From the hedged enclosure
HieronymusLatin:Sacred name; famous Roman surname derived from the given name of a second-century BC king of Syracuse
HassanArabic:Handsome, good
HarrisEnglish:Son of Harry or diminutive of Harry
HardyGerman:Daring, strong, bold
HorusEgyptian:God of the sky; This earliest royal god was in the shape of a falcon, with the sun and the moon as his eyes. Horus was identified…
HurleyGaelic OriginSea tide
HandelHandel is a form of John that’s most commonly heard in German. It has a very German feel and you could shorten it to the…
HewittFrench OriginSmart little one; possibly little Hugh or Hugh”s son
HenriFinnish OriginVariant of English Henry Rules his household.
HaakenNorse:Of the chosen
HabibArabic:Beloved, darling, lover, dear; Habib is also used as a term of endearment by adding a letter “i” to the ending for the masculine…
HadarHebrew:Beautiful, honored
HaddadArabic:Smith, ironsmith, blacksmith; Often used as a family name as well as a first name, Haddad was a storm god for the Semites…
HaddenEnglish:From the heath, near the hill of heather
HadiArabic:Guiding to the light, to follow the true religion
HadrianEnglish OriginDark; In the second century, Roman Emperor Hadrian built a magnificant wall in Britain. Named for him, the wall still stands…
HaelWelsh:Healthy, well
HaemonGreek:In Greek mythology, Haemon was the son of Creon and betrothed of Antigone. He is remembered for his defense of Antigone and…