Boy names that start with O

For baby boy names that start with the letter O, we’ve got hundreds of outstanding options—from Odin to Owen.

OwenThere’s just something about Owen that sounds sweet and likeable. Another vintage name that’s now back in vogue, Owen is…
OliverBrought to England by the Normans, the name Oliver has origins in the French name Olivier and dates back to the time of Charlemagne…
OscarEnglish:God”s spear
OmarArabic:Life or thriving, long-living
OtisGerman:Wealthy; derivation of Otto
OrlandoFrom the Shakespearean play As You Like It
OdinNorse:A chief deity of Norse mythology, Odin is the god of war and death, poetry and culture.
OzEnglish OriginPowerful, courageous
OttoGerman:Wealthy; a modern form of Odo used in numerous countries
ObadiahHebrew:Servant of God; a minor Old Testament prophet
OswaldFrom the Shakespearean play King Lear
OlafDanish Origin
OrtonEnglish:From the shore settlement or town; a surname
OdellEnglish:Of the valley, or an old English place name and surname meaning woad hill; Woad is an Old World plant formerly grown for…
OrvilleEnglish OriginGold town
OswinEnglish:God”s friend
OsmondEnglish:Divine protector
OliverioSpanish Origin
OmarrAfrican:Thriving, long life (Swahili)
OmmarArabic:Spelling variation of Omar
OdgarWelsh:Legendary son of Aedd
OdhranIrish:Little pale green one
OdiloTeutonic:Rich in battle
OdionAfrican:First child of the twins
OdysseusGreek:Wrathful; the clever and resourceful mythological hero of Homer”s epic The Odyssey.
OedipusGreek:Swollen foot; Oedipus was the king of Thebes in Greek mythology who unknowingly killed his father and married his mother…
OenomausGreek:Son of Ares
OgilhinnScottish:From the high peak
OlaA version of the strong and hearty Olaf, Ola lacks the ferocity and masculinity of the full-versioned original.
OldrichCzech:One with riches and power
OlesPolish:Polish form of Alexander defends mankind
OmNorse:Father of Idunn
OmariAfrican:God the highest (Swahili)
OmriHebrew:Sheaves of grain
OndyawWelsh:Legendary son of a French Duke
OnofredoItalian:Peaceful strength; variant of Humphrey
OnslowEnglish:From the zealous one”s hill
OphionGreek:A serpent
OretaGreek:Virtue, the Greek concept of striving for excellence in all aspects of one”s life; variant of Arete
OrikEnglish:From the ancient oak tree
OringoAfrican:He who likes to hunt
OrionGreek:Son of fire, dawning; The mythological Orion was a mighty hunter and son of Poseidon. The constellation Orion contains three…
OrpheusGreek:A great musician and poet of Greek myth, Orpheus was greatly in love with his wife Eurydice, whom he lost twice to death…
OrrickEnglish:From the ancient oak tree
OsazeEgyptian:Loved by God
OsbornEnglish:Divine bear
OsirisEgyptian:God of the dead and the underworld; Osiris is regarded as the king who watches over the nether world and is rejuvenated in…
OsmarEnglish:Divinely glorious
OsricFrom the Shakespearean play Hamlet
OsridEnglish:Divine counselor