Boy names that start with R

Whether you prefer regal, royal, or just plain regular baby boy names, we’ve got hundreds of options that start with the letter R.

RobertRobert has been an all-time favorite boys name since the Middle Ages and popular worldwide. It’s been so popular that it’s…
RichardThis Old German name was introduced to England by the Normans and borne by three kings of England, which is approrpiate since…
RaymondFrench:Wise protector
RandyEnglish:A nickname of Randolph, Randall, Rand and related names
RogerEnglish OriginFamous spearman
RayEnglish:Familiar form of Rayburn, Raymond, and related names
RonaldEnglish:Powerful, rules with counsel; from the same root as Reynold
RobinFrom the Shakespearean play Merry Wives of Windsor
RusselEnglish Origin
ReeseEnglish OriginPassionate, enthusiastic; variant of Reece
RalphEnglish:Wolf counsel; An old name from Scandinavian and Germanic elements, Ralph is pronounced “Rafe” in many areas outside the United…
RoyCeltic Origin
RossFrom the Shakespearean play Macbeth
RomeoFrom the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet
ReedEnglish:Redhead; variant of Reid
RaulSpanish Origin
RubenIn the Bible, Reuben was the firstborn of Jacob and Leah, and patriarch of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Ruben is just…
ReubenHebrew:Behold a son; in the Old Testament, the firstborn of Jacob and Leah, and patriarch of one of the twelve tribes of Israel
RickEnglish:Familiar form of Cedric, Frederick, and Richard
RandallEnglish:Shield wolf; variant of Randolph
ReidEnglish:Redhead; a surname adapted a long time ago for given name use
RodneyEnglish:From the famous one”s island
RamonSpanish Origin
RolandEnglish Origin
ReadEnglish:Redhead; variant of Reid
RichEnglish Origin
RemyEnglish:Familiar form of Remington
ReginaldEnglish:Powerful, wise counsel
RufusLatin:Red-haired; several early saints had this name
RickyEnglish Origin
ReeceEnglish OriginPassionate, enthusiastic
RobEnglish Origin
RicoThough less popular in the US than in Spanish-speaking countries, Rico is a suave name that suggests strength and dominance—and…
RonnieA pet name derived from Ronald, Ronnie is of a class all its own, conjuring the glory of Old Norse mythology while suggesting…
RemiFunny how adding an “i” can give a name a whole new feel. Remi, simply a respelling of Remy, feels more like a nickname than…
RustyRusty is a modern alternative to Russell or Ruston, or a moniker for your copper-haired kid. It’s fun as a first name and…
RandolphEnglish:Shield wolf, defender and protector; The wolf is revered for its strength, cunning, and fearlessness. Quite possibly this…
RoderickEnglish OriginFamous ruler
RowenIrish:Red haired
ReyFrench:Regal, kingly; a variant of Roy
RolandoWant to pay tribute to Grandpa Roland, but not digging the old-fashioned name? Try Rolando. This Portuguese variation of…
RudolphTeutonic:Famous wolf; well-known by children for the fabled red-nosed reindeer
RingoEnglish Origin
RidleyEnglish:From or near the red meadow; variant of Radley
RupertGerman:Bright with fame; variation of Robert
RoganIrish Origin
RudolfScandinavian Origin
RickeyEnglish Origin
RemusLatin:Quick; In Roman mythology, Remus and Romulus were the twin brothers who founded Rome.
RubinHebrew Origin
RobbieEnglish Origin
RaydonEnglish:Counselor. Variant of Raymond.
RydenScandinavian:Horseman; rider.
RonnyEnglish Origin
RolfeGerman:Familiar form for either Ralph or Rudolph
RaEgyptian:Sun god of Heliopolis; From the fifth dynasty onwards, Ra became a national god and combined with the supreme deity Amon…
RabiArabic:Spring; also means my lord if pronounced with accent on the first syllable
RacerEnglish:One who races, loves to run or compete