Boy names that start with S

S is for Sam, Sebastian, Skyler and so many more special baby boy names that start with the letter S.

SamuelSamuel has long been a popular biblical name. In the Bible Samuel was a judge and prophet in early Israel who annointed Saul…
ScottScott holds the very inspired meaning of “from Scotland,” but don’t let that stop you from using this name if you’re not…
SeanSean is the Irish version of the traditional John meaning “God is gracious.” It’s an incredible popular name in Ireland and…
SageAre you hoping for a wiser-than-his-years son? Then Sage, which means “wise,” may be the way to go. It’s short and sweet…
SebastianWhat does a heavy metal singer, an animated crustacean, and a saint all have in common (and, no, this isn’t the start of…
StevenSteven, that perennial favorite, has finally decided to take a breather and step down from the top for a bit. The (barely)…
SethSeth was the third child of Adam and Eve, so named because God gave Eve another son after Abel had been killed. In Egyptian…
SimonEnglish Origin
StephenThere’s just something so cool about the ever-fashionable Stephen. Maybe it’s the rebellious “ph” spelling, or his inspiring…
ShawnEnglish OriginVariant of Sean, a popular Irish cognate of John
SpencerEnglish:Keeper of provisions
ShaneIrish:Variant of Sean, a popular Irish cognate of John; Shane was a successful Western motion picture of the ”50s.
SantiagoSpanish:Saint James; Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile.
SaulHebrew:Inquired of God; name of the first king of Israel and the Hebrew name of the apostle Paul before his conversion to Christianity…
SteveThere’s just something so blah about Steve. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, there isn’t. It sounds okay and has…
StanA nickname for the old-fashioned Stanley, Stan possesses a certain upstanding-young-man vibe which could be quite bland.
ShayIrish:Variant of Shea courteous. Surname.
SheaIrish:Hawklike or majestic; an Irish family name and the name of New York”s Shea Stadium
StanleyEnglish:From near the stony meadow; a surname commonly used as a first name
ShaunDid you know that Shaun is actually a variation of good ol’
John? One of those “cool” boy names from the eighties, Shaun…
SheldonEnglish:A farm in a deep valley.
StefanGerman:Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen.
ShawEnglish:From the shady grove
ShilohHebrew:The peaceful one, he who is to be sent; In the Bible, Shiloh is a prophetic name for the Messiah. Shiloh is also significant…
SilasEnglish:Forest; a variant of Silvian. The biblical Silas was a missionary companion of Paul and Timothy.
SolomonHebrew:Peace; variant of Salem. Solomon (son of David and Bathsheba) succeeded his father as King of Israel. The Old Testament”s…
SawyerThe name Sawyer immediately brings to mind the adventurous and loveable title character of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of…
ShepherdShepherd is a classic occupation name that’s retained its pastoral nature, as well as a common surname that’s now well…
ShaeShae is a short-and-sweet name with Irish origins. A nickname for Shamus (the Irish version of James), it can also stand…
SilosLatin:Of the forest
SinclairEnglish:Saint Clair.
SalvatoreIf you’re looking for a slick Italian name that’s easily recognizable to English speakers, look no further than Salvatore…
SidThis is a name fit for a future rocker! Or at least a baby boy with a little edge. Sid is a variant of the French Sidney…
SatchelAmerican:Small bag, sack
SherwoodEnglish:From the bright forest; Sherwood Forest in England has long been associated with the legendary hero Robin Hood.
SanfordEnglish:From the sandy ford
SomersetEnglish:From the summer settlers
ShermanEnglish:Cuts the nap of woolen cloth; In medieval times, the shireman served as governor-judge of an English shire or county.
SonnyEnglish:Son; a nickname and given name
SewellEnglish:Sea powerful
SilLatin:Of the forest
ScottyEnglish:From Scotland; a Gael. Diminutive of Scott.
StephanoFrom the Shakespearean plays Merchant of Venice and The Tempest
SeymourEnglish:Marshy land near the sea
ScotEnglish:From Scotland; a Gael. Diminutive of Scott.
SkeltonEnglish:From the estate on the ledge
StanislausSlavic:Camp of glory, military glory; a name borne by Slavic kings and Saint Stanislaus, the patron saint of Poland
StefonEnglish:Crown; wreath. In the Bible Stephen was the first Christian martyr.
StefanoItalian Origin
StevieEnglish Origin
SlaterEnglish:Roof slater; surname for one who installs slate roofs
SanderGerman:Short form of Alexander
SergeFrench:An attendant