Boy names that start with T

From time-tested favorites like Thomas to the more trend-conscious Theo, we’ve got tons of baby boy names that start with T.

ThomasThomas is almost as ubiquitous a good ol’ fashioned American name as John or James. One of the best parts of the name Thomas…
TylerParents love to name their sons Tyler. The name soared to baby name stardom in the 80s and 90s. Tyler is one of those occupational…
TaylorTaylor is right at the cusp of a changing of the tides. What used to be more often used as a boys’ name (à la Taylor Lautner)…
TimothyWhat do Dumbo’s mouse best friend, a former James Bond, and the biblical companion of Paul all have in common? They were…
TravisEnglish:From the big town.
TheodoreGreek:Righteousness; In mythology, Themis is the goddess of order and justice.
TobiasHebrew:Love”s nature
TomPolish Origin
TysonEnglish:Thunder ruler
TobyFrom the Shakespearean play Twelfth Night
TreyEnglish:Variant of French surname and place-name Treves.
TheoGreek Origin
TrentStrong and simple Trent has long been a boy name favorite among parents. Primarily associated with England’s River Trent…
TommyRussian Origin
TyroneScottish:Island dweller
TimTeutonic:Battle maiden
TadEnglish:Abbreviation of Thaddeus who was one of Christ”s 12 apostles.
TerranceEnglish:Roman clan name.
TariqArabic:Spelling variation of Tarek; If emphasis is placed on the second syllable, Tariq additionally means way, road, or path.
TyrellScandinavian:Warrior; Tyr was a daring and brave god of war in Norse mythology.
TeddyTeddy might seem like a cute name for a little snuggly baby, but it could also be a name for a fierce protector. Teddy’s…
TomasEver wonder where the expression “Doubting Thomas” comes from? You’re looking at it! Tomas was an apostle in the Bible who…
TitusNative American:She who bathes with her knees (Cheyenne)
TrevorEnglish:Fair town. Abbreviation of Trevelyan.
TristenEnglish:Feminine of Tristan noisy;full of sorrows and/or a rhyming variant of Christa.
TrumanGerman:Spear of strength; diminutive of Gertrude commonly used as an independent name
TrippScandinavian:Abbreviation of names with the -trina ending
ThorneNorse:Son of Odd
TrevonEnglish Origin
TeoSpanish Origin
TravonTeutonic:God”s truth
TerranEnglish:Terran means Earthman. Variants are contemporary rhyming blends of Ter- plus Darin.
TristamEnglish Origin
ThierryGreek:Thetis is the mother of Achilles in Greek mythology. She held her son by the heel and dipped him into the river Styx in an…
TristramThe character of Walter Shandy in Laurence Sterne’s novel Tristram Shandy believes that names are as important to a person’s…
TrevisWelsh:From Elian”s home or a fair town
TaylerEnglish:Tailor. Surname.
TylorEnglish:Son of Tye
TyrusEnglish:Powerful, thunder ruler; a form of Terrell
TobeyNative American:Dance (Hopi); Hopi dances are not just beautiful, but an integral part of the culture.
TarekArabic:This name has several meanings including morning star, nocturnal visitor, and to knock at a door; In the year 711, a former…
TristianLatin:Full of sorrows
TriggEnglish:Fair town. Abbreviation of Trevelyan.
TristinA knight
TavinFrench:A nickname for Gustav royal staff.
TaavettiFinnish:Beloved; variation of Taavi
TaborHebrew:Drum; In the Bible, Mount Tabor is a landmark mountain near Nazareth.
TagIrish:Handsome; a variant of Teague
TahmelapachmeNative American:Dull knife (Cheyenne)