Boy names that start with U

From Umberto to Ulysses, we have dozens of unique and unusual baby boy names that start with the letter U.

UmbertoRussian Origin
UrienHebrew:Light, flame; an Old Testament name that is also a short form of Uriah and Uriel
UlmerNorse:Glory; in Norse mythology, the god of winter and skiers
UlricGerman:Strong willed, from the Norse ullr, willful, determined
UrianAfrican:Princess (Nigeria)
UlfredCeltic:Jewel of the sea
UjaEnglish:Prosperous or wealthy wolf
UliEnglish:Special friend; possible variant of Edwina, a prosperous friend
UngusIrish OriginOne, unity, together; In Edmund Spenser”s epic poem The Faerie Queene, Una is the knight Redcrosse”s virtuous lady fair…
UniUni has the distinction of being both an expensive delicacy (sea urchin roe) consumed by foodies around the world, and a…
UnwinNorse:A Dane
UpchurchNorse:Beloved girl
UraHindi OriginPrecious stone, jewel
UrhoLatin:Of the city
UriensHebrew:Light, flame
UsbeornLatin:Little bear; Saint Ursula was a British princess who was martyred for her faith during her return from a pilgrimage to Rome…