Boy names that start with V

V is for Val, Vance, Victor, and Vincent—and volumes of other baby boy names that start with the letter V.

VincentVincent was a hit in the Middle Ages and found its way back to popularity in the modern Roman Catholic community, particularly…
VladimirThe Lady of the Lake
VernonEnglish:Surname related to Vernon alder tree grove. Also used as abbreviations of Vernon or Lavern.
VladThe Lady of the Lake
VidelSpanish Origin
VergilFrench:From the green hill
VaughanHindi:King of the serpents
ViktorNative American:Chief (Cheyenne)
VidalSpanish Origin
VictorinoEnglish Origin
VincenzoEnglish OriginConqueror
VadimHebrew:God is my strength
VladikEnglish Origin
VerrillGreek OriginHonest image; This name stems from a legend of a maiden who handed Christ her handkerchief on the way to Calvary, whereupon…
VarekFrench:From the green hill
VortimerGerman:The prefex Von is equivalent of Van in Dutch names and of de in French names.
ValentineFrom the Shakespearean plays Twelfth Night and Two Gentlemen of Verona
ValentinoLatin:Brave, strong; place name of a Spanish city
VirgilioLatin:Young and budding
VarianCeltic:From the green hill
VidorHebrew:Dearly loved
VasinSlavic:Wreath of glory
VarikCeltic:From the green hill
VincensTeutonic:Resolute fighter
VaiveahtoishNorse:Mother of the Skraeling children
ValeriusItalian:Strong; valiant.
ValeryLatin:Valiant, brave, healthy; Valerian has a similar origin and meaning as Valentine but are not from the same name.
ValiItalian Origin
ValiantIt’s a good thing Valiant means brave because your little boy is going to need quite a bit of courage to live with this name…
VallenSlavic:Slavic form of Valerie; glorious ruler
ValmikiNorse:Uncertain meaning; Vali was a son of Odin in Norse mythology.
ValoEnglish:Brave, strong, and healthy; main character of the historical adventure comic strip Prince Valiant
ValthjofFinnish:Variant of Wilhemina
ValtteriHindi:Name of a poet
VareckGreek Origin
VarunCeltic:From the alder grove
VasilyRussian:Foreign woman, stranger, exotic; variant of Varvara, which is itself a variant of Barbara
VeitTeutonic:Holy spirit of the forest
VelvelGerman:Variation of the Latin name Vitus (life)
VemadosTeutonic:Inspired intelligence; The historical Veleda was a first-century Germanic prophetess regarded as divine.
VerneriEnglish:This surname is also used as an abbreviation of Vernon or Lavern.
VictorienFrench:From the village
VishnuEnglish Origin
VitalLatin:Green. An Italian saint”s name.
VivienEnglish OriginFull of life, lively; In Arthurian legend, Vivian was the Lady of the Lake and enchantress of Merlin.