Boy names that start with Z

From Zachary to Zoltar to Zeke, we’ve got Z names by the dozen for your baby boy.

ZacharyA perennial boy name favorite, Zachary has a lot of history behind it. There are several Zacchaeus’ in the Bible with the…
ZaneAfrican:Well-born, noble (Swahili)
ZachParents who once were children of the 80s will most likely associate this name with Saved By the Bell’s charismatic and mischievous…
ZainAfrican:Flower, from the Arabic word for flourishing (Swahili)
ZanderArabic:Smart, intelligent, compassionate
ZackeryHebrew Origin
ZechariahZechariah’s star has been rising along with the more popular version of this name, Zachariah with an “a”. This variation…
ZephaniahYes, lots of Biblical names have been coming back into vogue lately (hello, Elijah and Jeremiah), but trust us, Zephaniah…
ZayneArabic:Rose, visitor
ZachariasZacharias is an old school Biblical name, and is mainly known by the more common form of Zachary. But since Zachary is in…
ZenoRussian:Russian form of Eugenia noble
ZakariaEnglish Origin
ZacariasFrench:Archer; feminine variant of Yves
ZebadiahPolish:Do away with anger, be content
ZakaiArabic:General, title of authority
ZakariEnglish:God has been gracious; variant of John
ZabiNickname for Zabdiel
ZacchaeusNative American:Meadow; variation of Savannah (Taino)
ZadokEnglish OriginGod remembers, remembrance of the Lord; derived from the name Zechariah; There are over 30 men with this name mentioned in…
ZaimAfrican:Flowering (Swahili)
ZaredGreek:A Amazon
ZebulonAn underused Biblical name, Zebulon was a son of Jacob and a founder of one of the tribes of Israel. It’s definitely a foreign…
ZelotesCzech:Green, new, fresh, innocent
ZenasHebrew:Joyous melody, song of praise
ZetesTeutonic:Armored battle maiden
ZethusTeutonic:Armored battle maiden
ZevAfrican:Older twin (Uganda)
ZevulunGreek:Mythical son of Zeus and Antiope, and twin brother of Amphion
ZigorRussian:Farmer; variant of George
ZimriNative American:Spins, spinning (Hopi)
ZionAfter a long period of relative obscurity, Zion appears to be at an all-time popularity high. The name really took off after…
ZipkiyahYiddish:Defends mankind; variant of Alexander
ZitomirTeutonic:Free; variant of Franziska, Frances
ZivenNative American:Cardinal, red bird (Sioux)
ZivonCzech:Live well
ZiyaHebrew:Shines brightly
ZoltarHebrew:Shines brightly
ZoltenVariation of Zoltan
ZuPotential nickname for Zoltan or Zolten
ZviAfrican:Good (Swahili)