Breastfeeding Checklist

Breastfeeding comes with more gear than you ever imagined! Our checklist narrows down what you really need.


Breast Pump and BottlesPumping your milk helps ensure there’s food for your baby when you’re not around (plus Dad can take on some of those late night feedings!).
Disposable Freezer BagsYou’ll need a supply of freezer bags to store your milk (you can freeze breast milk for up to six months).
Nursing Bras (3-5)Not only are they essential for breastfeeding your baby, they are usually quite comfortable, offer great support, and make nursing easier for your baby.
Breast Pads (2-4 pairs of washable,
1 box of disposable,
or 1 set of silicone)
You may be surprised at how much and how often you can leak breast milk. Avoid embarrassing situations and keep your nipples clean with breast pads.


Bottle and Nipple BrushEven if you are using a steamer or dishwasher to sanitize your baby’s feeding supplies, you’ll still need a brush to help get into those tight places.
Dishwasher BasketTo prevent losing your bottle supplies in the washer, you’ll need a basket to safely hold nipples and other small items.
Receiving Blankets (5-7)From keeping baby warm to catching spit-up to acting as a lap cloth or breastfeeding curtain to cleaning up messes, receiving blankets are a great addition to your baby’s list of supplies.
Burp ClothsProtect your clothes and wipe spit-up from Baby’s chin with burp cloths..


Nipple CreamYou may experience sore or cracked nipples. Keep cream on hand to help heal and prevent chafing.
Nipple ShellsThese handy products help protect sensitive nipples by keeping skin away from potentially irritating clothing.
Breast Ice PacksFor those times when you’re sore, engorged, or suffering from an infection, these ice packs can bring much relief. They are shaped to fit around your nipples and can discreetly fit in your nursing bra.
Nursing PillowFrom Boppys to good throw pillows, these items can help you and your baby get comfortable and reduce your chances of getting a cramped back, shoulders, and neck.
Bottle WarmerNeed a time saver? This is a great buy.
Bottle-Drying RackHere’s a good way to spread out your baby’s bottles for fast and easy drying.
Bottle SterilizerElectric bottle sterilizers are perfect for fast, easy, and safe bottle cleaning.
Glider Rocking ChairThe ultimate indulgence for you and your baby! A glider is so much more than just a rocker; its gentle motion will soothe both you and your little one.

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