Delicious healthy snacks to enjoy on the go

It’s funny how as a mom I thought I had it all figured out after a year or so with one kid. No one tells you how you totally get thrown for a loop going to two. I am still learning how to master the art of getting out and about with both of my rugrats, without forgetting something essential like diapers, or Heaven forbid, snacks.

My three-year-old already has a schedule like a busy teenager. Between swim practices, gymnastics, story time and play dates, we’re on the go a lot. My little guy loves going along for the ride, but it’s not always a pretty picture when he gets hungry.

He’s still nursing, but he’s a growing boy, and mama’s milk is only going so far these days. If I’m on my game, I remember to pack a few snacks for the ride so we aren’t tempted to buy something junky while we’re out. Here are a few of my kids favorite things to eat when we’re out and about:

1. Apples: 

Whether I have time to peel and slice one before I leave, or if I’m tossing a whole one in my bag as we’re heading out the door, we all love apples. It’s one of those snacks that even their leftovers I enjoy.

2. Baby carrots: 

It’s not easy getting my daughter to eat vegetables but she can’t get enough carrots. I steam them in the microwave a little before heading out so my son can easily enjoy them too.

3. Happy Munchies: 

These are definitely my son’s favorite snacks. They look like mini cheese puffs, but they’re actually baked with broccoli, kale, and cheddar.

4. Water: 

Believe it or not, this is a great snack to have while out, especially since it’s warming up, and we’re usually pretty active. Water helps us stay hydrated and refreshed.

5. Happy Baby Pouches: 

These are my personal favorite to have on hand for the kids. My son can get a quick nutritious snack, packed with fruits and veggies, and it’ll hold him over until we get home for supper. The squeezable pouch makes it easy for him to hold and feed himself. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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