Feeling Judgy? Have More Kids!

You could probably rattle off about 10 hot button parenting issues right now without even thinking.

Breast-feeding, vaccinations, spanking, circumcision …

OK, so that’s four. But you get the idea.

However, these days it seems as though you can pretty much debate every single parenting choice. Say, for example, whether kids should share a room.

I would never have thought about that as a debate, but rather a personal decision based on house size, available space, that sort of thing. Or, you know, a necessity. Like food.

But apparently, like food, it’s debatable, see:

To be fair, I’m a huge fan of Brain Child magazine, where Meagan Francis’s piece was published, and, while I haven’t read it, I’m fully aware the magazine’s “debates” are way more about opening up a dialog than actual fights. I trust that it’s smart, intelligent and not at all some sort of cat fight about sleeping arrangements.

But, then again, I have to say to myself, “really?”

Now, I love a good debate as much as the next person. When done well, it can get us thinking, which is good for our brains that are slowly turning to mush from having to repeat ourselves 4,000 times.

I definitely have opinions — lots of them — which I’m happy to share if asked. Or, if you try to give me a hard time about them, I’ll be happy to rip you a new one.

But, I’ll be honest, after having more kids, I have way less time to care about what other people think.

It’s liberating, actually.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean people with fewer kids have more time to be judgmental. But I do think that after you have more than one kid, you start to care much less (if at all) about what people think of you because you’re just concerned with keeping your kids alive, let alone fretting about where they’re sleeping.

Or, hey, maybe that’s me.

But if you really don’t want to care at all about what people think, just keep breeding. Whether my fourth kid is sucking on a pacifier or not is the least of my concerns. Actually, I’m more apt to try to make her suck on one so I can get some sleep.

And, even better, I could care less about what other people do. Granted, I’m not so keen on giving your kid a Coke Zero for breakfast, though good for you — no sugar! If you’re keeping them out of harm’s way, then what do I care?

So, if you’re looking for a way to let go of worrying about your parenting choices or what people think of your parenting choices, have more kids. Lots of them.

Then you’ll just be focused on actually getting your kids to sleep as opposed to thinking about where they are when they’re, hopefully, actually sleeping.

Trust me.

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