Five silly things I do to get my baby to sleep

Putting my baby to sleep means jumping through hoops these days. My husband and I spent many sleepless nights with baby number one three years ago. Getting her to nap was a chore. We’d rock her for hours until she closed her eyes. The minute we’d put her down, those lids would pop open.

We also tried the ‘cry it out method,’ which didn’t work either. Now we’re at it again with baby number two.

I’ve heard stories about some parents loading their kids in the car in the middle of the night, and driving around the neighborhood to get them to go to sleep.

There have been times when I was tempted to do the same, but didn’t want my baby out so late. We ultimately came up with some pretty silly things to get our daughter to go to sleep, and those methods are working for her little brother as well. Maybe they may come in handy for you too.

1. Jog in place

It’s no secret that most babies love movement. When a rock doesn’t do the trick, holding the baby close while running in place works every time.

2. Make funny faces

I know it seems weird, but my kids seem to relax whenever we do silly expressions. It may not knock them out completely, but it gets them to stop crying.

3. Sing silly songs

This one worked like a charm with my daughter. To this day, she loves to sing. Making up fun songs is something that I enjoy doing, and each of my kiddos have their own little diddy.

4. Strap them in the stroller and take a walk around the kitchen

When I tell people this I get strange looks. However, the New York streets have been blanketed with snow and temperatures have been extremely cold. Taking a stroll around the block usually works wonders. But, we’ve had to improvise due to the conditions outside.

5. Dance

Most days I’ll put on the baby carrier, slide him in there, and have at it. I’m no professional dancer. But if my baby could talk, he’d say “Mama’s got the moves.” He’s normally knocked out after a couple songs.

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7 thoughts on “Five silly things I do to get my baby to sleep”

  1. Singing silly songs works wonders for me too. I take melodies to songs I like and completely make up the words on the spot to make it about my little guy. It is a whole lot better than singing a nursery rhyme and my son seems to really like it. Don’t even get me started on my “Tummy Time” song.

  2. my DD is now 3 and I never thought it was odd the way we had to put her to sleep but then again she was our first. she hated being swaddled but needed to be semi prone so in order for her to sleep I hade to shove my nursing pillow into her basinet and she would nestle in to the little divot or we would have her sleep in her bouncy seat because if she lade completely flat on her back or tummy she would scream non stop. one we figured this out she became the best little sleeper bed at 830pm and would not wake till 7am for her first feeding. then nap again at 10 and once more at 430 and now at 3 yrs old bed time is at 730 and she normally doesn’t get up till 8. today with daylight savings she didn’t get up till 11 so that was a nice treat

  3. Dancing is what I do! My first always nursed to sleep; my second (now 3 mo) nurses but NEVER falls asleep nursing. So I nurse him, wrap him up tight, and start dancing around. When he was newborn I almost always put him to sleep wearing him in a sling.

  4. with my first baby who was one of those difficult to get to sleep and difficult to stay asleep, I used to walk up and down the hall singing nursery rhymes. When my back couldn’t take that anymore, I would push him in the stroller, backward and forward over a small bump in the rug. To sleep longer daytime naps when he was a bit older, I would take him for hour long drives from one end of town to the other. Then I discovered William and Martha Sears and their attachment parenting philosophy- and I realised breastfeeding to sleep will not ‘spoil’ my baby. I then nursed, nursed, and nursed all my babies to sleep, for naps and bedtime. The easiest way for me and my kids. No naptime, nor bedtime struggles- they all look forward to our special bonding time together.

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