Girl names that start with B

From the beautiful and bold to the brilliantly basic, we’ve got a great collection of baby girls names that start with the letter B.

BrittanyBrittany, that perky name from the 80s, is now inexorably linked to a certain blonde pop princess. Both the name and superstar…
BarbaraEnglish Origin
BethEnglish OriginHouse; a diminutive of Elizabeth and Bethany. Beth is remembered fondly by generations of readers as the gentle, loving sister…
BaileyEnglish:Steward or law enforcer from occupation of bailiff; surname adapted to first name use
BethanyAramaic OriginA village near Jerusalem where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead; a possible variant of Beth and Ann
BrookeEnglish:Near the small stream; Once a surname originally used for boys, Brooke is now used often for girls as well, especially when…
BrendaGaelic:Little raven
BeckyEnglish OriginCaptivating, beautiful, desirable, to tie or bind; variant of Rebecca
BritneyEnglish Origin
BiancaItalian:White, shining; variant of Blanche
BriannaBrianna is a super popular girls name, so it’s a good thing that it comes equipped with a variety of nicknames ranging from…
BrandyEnglish:A type of alcoholic beverage used as a given name; possibly a variant of Brandeis or Brendan
BelleFrench:Beautiful, fair, lovely one; an abbreviation of Isabelle; In the fairy tale, “Beauty and the Beast,” Belle is a young woman…
BeatriceFrom the Shakespearean play Much Ado About Nothing
BridgetBridget is the Anglicized from of the distinctly Irish Brighid, the mythological Irish goddess of poetry, wisdom, and song…
BrianaCeltic:Strong or ascends; feminine form of Brian
BrookAnother name for nature-loving parents, Brook is a surname originally used for boys that is used often now for girls as well…
BlairCeltic:From the plain lands
BonnieEnglish OriginPretty, charming, beautiful; This Scottish term is likely a derivation of the French word bon, meaning good or nice.
BeverlyEnglish:From the beaver stream or meadow
BrittneyBetween Brittany and Britney, there just seems to be no more room for poor little Brittney. Generally referring to someone…
BrennaCeltic:Raven, black-haired; also used as a variant of Brenda
BrandiEnglish Origin
BerniceFrench OriginOne who brings victory; variant of Berenice
BeatrizSomething about that last ‘z’ makes Beatriz comes across as the sassier, fun-loving, exotic cousin of the more traditional…
BeaLatin:Brings joy
BaileeEnglish Origin
BreanneIrish Origin
BayleeEnglish Origin
BridgettFrench Origin
BryannaCeltic Origin
BayleyEnglish Origin
BrittanieEnglish Origin
BellaBella is a red-hot name right now. Thanks to the massive vampire-in-love phenomenon known as Twilight, Bella has skyrocketed…
BettyEnglish:God is my oath; a variant of Elizabeth
BlossomEnglish:Blossom, flower
BernadetteFrench:Courage of a bear; feminine form of Bernard. Saint Bernadette was a French peasant girl who was visited by the Virgin Mary…
BeatrixBeatrix is a whimsical yet traditional name, and it definitely sounds more contemporary that Beatrice (the “x” helps with…
BeccaEnglish:Captivating, beautiful; variant of Rebecca
BettinaGerman Origin
BernetteFrench Origin
BeverleyEnglish Origin
BernadineEnglish OriginCourage of a bear
BethanieHebrew Origin
BryleeAmerican:Noble, strong, meadow
BrionnaEnglish Origin
BaylieEnglish Origin
BabetteFrench:Foreign woman, stranger, exotic; variant of Barbara
BabitaGreek Origin
BahaPersian:Price, value
BahatiAfrican:Lucky, fortunate (Swahili)
BahiraArabic:Dazzling, brilliant, splendid, dazzled by sunlight; feminine form of Bahir
BairbreGaelic:Foreign woman, stranger; variant of Barbara
BalbinaItalian OriginLittle stammerer or stutterer; Balbina may have originated as a nickname for a shy or speechless girl. Also the name of a…
BaliA country in Indonesia
BambiItalian:Pet name for Bambino, meaning little child; Bambi is the fawn of Walt Disney”s famous children”s storybook and movie.
BaptistaFrom the Shakespearean play Taming of the Shrew
BarbieSure, Barbie is a legitimate nickname for Barbara, but let’s be honest—everyone associates this name with a certain blonde-haired doll…
BarbinaSpanish Origin
BarunkaCzech Origin
BaruskaCzech Origin
BashaPolish:Foreign woman, stranger, exotic; variant of Barbara
BasiaCzech:Foreign woman, stranger, exotic; variant of Barbara
BastetEgyptian:In Egyptian mythology, Bastet was a cat-goddess whose cult-center was at Bubastis in the Nile Delta. In the Late Period she…
BathildaGerman:Warrior woman, commanding, heroic
BathshebaHebrew:Daughter of the oath; Bathsheba was the beautiful wife of King David, whom she married after David had her husband Uriah…
BattistaItalian:Baptizer; variant of Baptista
BeatrisaSpanish Origin
BedaEnglish:Battle maiden, female warrior
BedegraineA surname; Castle and forest where Arthur fought his infamous battle against eleven kings
BelFrench Origin
BelkaRussian:Squirrel; also Russian nickname for Bella
BellamyFrench:Handsome friend; possible variant of Isabella
BellanceItalian:White, strong, karmic or predestined; variant of Blanca, meaning white
BellissaItalian:Fair; lovely one.
BellonaLatin:Goddess of war
BenedettaItalian Origin
BentleyEnglish:From the meadow of coarse or bent grass; Bentley also evokes images of the luxury vehicle. This surname is traditionally…
BerdineFrench OriginGlorious
BerkeleyMost know this name from the University of California, Berkeley, but it’s also a town across the pond in England. Both of…
BernyceFrench OriginOne who brings victory; variant of Berenice
BerryNickname for the name Alberta
BertilleTeutonic:Outstanding warrior maiden
BertrunGerman:Shining secret
BessEnglish:Familiar form of Elizabeth; Featuring music by composer George Gershwin, the renowned opera Porgy and Bess depicts life in…
BethaniaSpanish Origin