Girl names that start with O

From Ona to Ottavia, we’ve got hundreds of baby girl names that start with the letter O and are anything but ordinary.

NamesOrigin Meaning
OliviaFeminine form of the name Oliver. The name very well may have originated from Shakespeare himself as the name of his heroine…
OpheliaFrom the Shakespearean play Hamlet
OlgaGerman:Blessed, holy
OctaviaItalian OriginEighth, traditionally given to the eighth child born into a family; the feminine form of Octavius
OlympiaGreek:From Mount Olympus, home to the gods
OrielFrench:Bird; related to the Oriole, known for its brilliant orange-gold markings
OlenaUkrainian Origin
OlindaGreek:Possible variant of Yolanda, violet flower
OdeliaFrench:Wealthy, properous
OmaArabic:Mother, people, nation
OrvaEnglish:Brave friend
OridaNative American:Expected one
OrnaIrish:Little green one
OlianaHawaiian:Variant of Oleander
OhannaHebrew:Gracious gift of God
OlinaCzech:Familiar form of Olga
OsannaLatin:Praise God
OdinaNative American:Mountain (Algonquian)
OraleeHebrew:The Lord is my light; also a variant of Aurelia
OdysseiaGreek:Wrathful, wandering; feminine form of Odysseus
OralieEnglish OriginGolden
OwenaWelsh:Noble-born, young fighter
OdilaFrench Origin
OtyliaGerman OriginRich, prosperous, variant of Odelia
OleisiaGreek:Protector of man
OribellaLatin:Beautiful golden child
OrlanthaTeutonic:Renowned fame
OakleyEnglish:From the oak tree meadow; a surname and variant of Ackerley
OanaRomanian:God is gracious
ObaAfrican:River goddess
OceanaGreek:Feminine form of Oceanus; In Greek mythology, Oceanus was a Titan father of rivers and water nymphs.
OddveigNorse:Woman of the spear, derived from oddr pointed and veig woman, this name has been used for many centuries
OdeAfrican:Born on the road, during travel (Nigeria)
OdessaGreek:Wrathful; Odessa is the feminine version of Odysseus, which has taken on the connotative meaning of wandering, traveling…
OdetteFrench:Variant of Odelia and Odile, the name of the bewitched heroine and love of Prince Siegfried in Tchaikovsky”s classic ballet…
OdianaGerman Origin
OdianeGerman Origin
OdraHindi:From Odra
OifaCeltic:Mythical sister of Ove
OkalaniHawaiian:Heaven, heavenly
OlaGreek:Possibly a familiar form of Olesia
OlabisiAfrican:Joy multiplied (Nigeria)
OleanderEnglish:Botanical name from an evergreen shrub known for its fragrant white, lavender, or pink flowers and its poison
OlesyaUkrainian Origin
OlufemiAfrican:Beloved of the gods (Nigeria)
OlwenCeltic OriginWhite footprint, white tracks; Olwen was the Celtic mythological daughter of Ysbaddaden and wife of Culwch, who saved her…
OmoroseEgyptian:Beautiful child (Nigeria)
OnaiwahNative American:Awake, alert (Ojibway)