Girl names that start with R

If you’re looking for R names for your baby girl, we’ve got hundreds—from classics like Ruth and Rachel to trendier names like Roxy, Rose, or Rhianna.

RachelRachel, the sister of Leah, was the second and favorite wife of Jacob, and mother to Joseph and Benjamin. Between 1983 and…
RebeccaThe Biblical Rebecca was the resourceful wife of Isaac and the mother of twins Jacob and Esau. Rebecca is also the title…
RuthRuth is a case-study in loyalty. The Old Testament Book of Ruth centers on a young, loyal Moabite woman who refused to desert…
RileyRiley first became popular as a given name for boys but began establishing itself as a girl’s name in 1990. The surname…
ReneeRenee is a French name that’s probably only familiar to us thanks to actress Renee Zellweger. Despite the star association…
RaeEnglish:Doe; familiar form of Rachel or feminine form of Ray
RebekahHebrew Origin
RosemaryEnglish:Blend of Rose and Mary; also refers to the herb
RobinEnglish:Bright with fame; an abbreviation of Robert that has become a unisex name, it”s also the name of a bird.
RaquelSpanish:Ewe; variant of Rachel
RitaGreek:Pearl; a popular form of Margaret or Margarita
RhiannonCeltic OriginGreat queen; In Welsh mythology, Rhiannon was the goddess of fertility and the moon. Stevie Nicks of the band Fleetwood Mac…
RamonaSpanish:Wise defender; feminine form of Ramon
RosarioSpanish:Rosary; refers to devotional prayers honoring the Virgin Mary
RosalindFrom the Shakespearean play As You Like It
RhiannaThis variation of Rhiannon has been around since the 90s, but it didn’t start getting attention until pop star Rihanna burst…
RosanneHebrew:Graceful rose
RipleyRipley will always be associated with Alien heroine Ellen Ripley, considered to be one of the strongest female characters…
RosannaEnglish:Blend of Rose and Anna
RosalineFrom the Shakespearean play Love’s Labour’s Lost and Romeo and Juliet
RubyA hugely popular name in the UK, Ruby is making a comeback in the US, as well; July’s deep red birthstone is a recent celeb-parent…
ReginaItalian OriginQueen
RavenEnglish:Raven, black bird
ReaganIrish:Little ruler
RowanAuthor, Anne Rice named her beautiful leading character, Rowan, in Lasher (The Vampire Chronicles).
ReeseEnglish:Passionate, enthusiastic
RheaGreek:A brook or stream; in mythology, the mother of Zeus
RosaItalian Origin
ReganFrom the Shakespearean play King Lear
ReinaCzech OriginQueen
RaynaCzech:Pure, clean; variant of Catherine
RosieLatin:The familar form of a Rose
RonaHebrew:My joy
RivaLatin:Regain strength
RomyGerman:Bitter rose
RosalindaSpanish Origin
RaineyEnglish:Familiar form of Regina; Rainey is sometimes also is used in reference to wet weather.
RosanaHebrew:Graceful rose
RolandaGerman:Renowned in the land; feminine form of Roland
RosemondTeutonic:Famous defender
RosalbaLatin:White rose
RennyIrish:Wealthy or charming
RosabellaLatin:Beautiful rose
RosabelLatin:Beautiful rose
ReetaFinnish:Pearl; abbreviation of Margaret
RaakelFinnish Origin
RabiahEgyptian:Born in the spring