Girl names that start with T

S is for Sabrina, Sue, Samantha, Sybil—and hundreds more sophisticated, sassy, and straightforward baby girl names.

TaylorOnce a surname and boys’ name, Taylor and its variants are growing in popularity as names for daughters, thanks in part to…
TiffanyOh Tiffany, you 80s princess, you. You used to be so fancy (much like the little blue box you symbolize) that even Donald…
TrinityEnglish:Three; a variant of Traigh
TaraIn Irish tradition, Tara was the name of a hill where the ancient Irish kings were said to have reigned. In Irish mythology…
TeresaIf you think Teresa sounds old-fashioned, you’d be right. This now-vintage name was über-popular in the 1950s and 60s, but…
TatianaFrom the Shakespearean play A Midsummer’s Night Dream
TamaraHebrew:Palm tree; A variant of Tamar, this name is used as a symbolic name due to the beauty and fruitfulness of the tree.
TheresaGreek Origin
TessaEnglish Origin
TonyTony, as a girl’s name, is really more of a nickname for fuller names like Antonia or Antoinette. If you are considering…
TinaGreek:One who honors God; feminine form of Timothy
TaliaGreek OriginDew of heaven; may be an abbreviation of Natalia
TanyaRussian:Uncertain meaning, though some suggest praiseworthy; Tanya is a popular pet name for Tatiana, feminine form of the Roman…
TracyEnglish:From the end of the town
ToriNorse:Spear of Thor
TammyEnglish Origin
TempestEnglish:Turbulent, stormy
TerryEnglish Origin
TrishaHindi:God of fever
TashaTis NOT the season for Tasha. This short form of Natasha was historically given to girls born on Christmas Day, and is now…
TaniaWhile Tania may sound a lot like Tonya, it still appears worlds more exotic and elegant than the country-fied version. If…
TildeAs a nickname for the adorable Matilda, Tilde got the short end of the stick. The severe sound of Tilde is likely not music…
TessEnglish Origin
TheaEnglish:Melting ice
TallulahNative American Origin
TerriTerri, the short form of Theresa, is a unique name for a girl despite its drop in popularity since the 1960s. Strangely,…
ToniEnglish:Little twin
TeganTegan has been steadily on the rise as a girl’s name because of the return to unisex and surnames. The name began to gain…
TierneySlavic:Holy place
ThelmaNorse:Bear of Thor
TrinaCeltic:Wise, prudent
TheodoraGreek:Goddess of justice, often portrayed holding scales
TulaLet’s call a spade a spade—Tula has never been a popular girl’s name. But that doesn’t mean it’s without merit. Besides…
TeriEnglish Origin
TalulaNative American:Leaping water (Choctaw)
TrudyFrench:Curly haired
TiaEnglish OriginThor”s stone, thunder; surname adapted to first name use
TonyaEnglish:Abbreviation of Antonia and Antoinette
TeaganEnglish OriginLittle poet
TawnyEnglish:Golden brown; the warm sandy color of a lion”s coat
ToryEnglish:Conqueror; derived from the name Victoria
TalithaAramaic:Young girl
TuliaGreek:Gracious gift
TillyEnglish:From the fertile ford
TelsaGerman:Northern German variation of Elisabeth
TitaniaGreek:A blind seer
TandyNative American:Flower
TovaEnglish:Name of an earl
TainaScandinavian Origin
ThalassaHebrew:Given praise
TamiEnglish OriginPeople
TaviaLatin Origin