Girl names that start with U

U is for Una, Ursula, and a handful of other unique and unusual baby girl names that start with the letter U.

UmaAfrican:Second daughter (Nigeria)
UrsulaFrom the Shakespearean play Much Ado About Nothing
UnaGerman:Noble leader
UshaFrench:Little bear
UrsaHebrew:God is my light
UluGerman:Mistress of all, universal ruler
UliTeutonic:Fom the noble land
UllaGerman:Mistress of all
UlyanaTeutonic:Universal ruler
UdeleEgyptian:Another form of Hathor
UlaliaGerman:Bright mind, bright spirit; variant of Huette
UlulaniGerman:Noble leader
UmmLatin:Wrathful; variant of the Greek Odysseus, best known as a main character of the poet Homer”s two great epics. Ulysses S….
UndineEgyptian:Little mother
UniqueLatin:Little waves, ripple, mermaid; In German mythology, undines were female water-spirits created without a soul, but if one…
UrbiGreek:Heavenly, mythological muse of the astronomy
UriLatin:Urban, lives in and belongs to the city; implies sophistication