Girl names that start with V

Vanessa, Violet, Viva, Vivienne… we’ve got countless gorgeous V names for girls—one of which is bound to be perfect for your new daughter.

VanessaOne can’t think of the name Vanessa without thinking of the 80s. Along with Jessica and Tiffany, Vanessa was one of the names…
VictoriaVictoria, long considered a royal name and also the Roman goddess of victory, has had a reputation as being stiff and uppity…
VeronicaFrench:From the alder grove
ValerieEnglish Origin
VioletHindi:Happy girl
VivianSpanish Origin
VeraItalian:Place name for a town in Italy and also an area in southern California
VenusGoddess described in pop group Bananarama’s song “Venus.”
VirginiaLatin:Chaste; virginal.
ViolaFrom the Shakespearean play Twelfth Night
ValentinaItalian:Healthy, strong
ValenciaNorse:Daughter of Thorbrand
VannaRussian:God”s gift
ValarieHindi:King of the demons
VernaGerman:Sacred wisdom; also a variation of Vera, meaning true
VivienGerman Origin
VeldaTeutonic:Holy spirit of the forest
VictorinaLatin:To conquer
VegaHindi:Eternal laws
ViennaEnglish:Life. Used as both surname and given name. See also Vito.
VieraNorse:Tree fighter
ValoraEnglish Origin
ViolettaEnglish:Vincent”s son, Vinn”s son
VandaSwedish:Swedish form of Walter strong fighter
VenetiaGerman:Courage of a bear
VerenaDutch:From the bridge
VictorianaSpanish:Victor, conquering; feminine form of Vicente
VenessaEnglish:Soft, rich fabric; Velvet has become an adjective to describe almost anything which has a soft, rich feel or texture.
VirdiaEnglish:Lovely purple flower
VaetildCzech:More glory; a form of Wenceslas
ValNorse:Mother of the Skraeling children
ValechkaGerman:Protecting ruler
ValenNorse:Renowned ruler
VanoraGreek:Butterfly; from Phanessa, the mystic goddess of an ancient Greek brotherhood
VarinaEnglish:From the fortress
VarshaTeutonic:Defending ruler
VartoughiCzech:Foreign woman, stranger, exotic; variant of Barbara
VaryaArmenian:Rose lady
VasilisaCzech OriginForeign woman, stranger, exotic; variant of Barbara in several languages
VedetteEnglish OriginFrom the vale
VediaHindi:Vital force
VeniceHungarian:Variant of Wenceslas
VenturaItalian:Place name for a northern Italian city
VerbeniaLatin:Goddess of love and beauty and the equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite; From the ancient Greek “Venus de Milo” statue…
VerochkaSwedish:Friend protector
VictorineLatin:Triumphant; feminine form of Victor. During the reign of England”s Queen Victoria, Britain reached new heights in industrial…