Girl names that start with W

W is for Wanda, Wendy, Winona, and Wynnie—as well as dozens of other wonderful girl names that start with the letter W.

WillowWillow trees are known for their grace, flexibility and resilience—wonderful qualities (and a lovely name) to bestow on…
WhitneyEnglish:From the white meadow
WendyWendy, besides being the red-headed pigtailed fast-food princess, is also an outdated name that’s seen better days. The most…
WinterEnglish:Friend”s hill, friend”s place; surname
WandaNative American:Eagle (Sioux)
WinnieEnglish:From the winding gate
WillaGerman Origin
WilhelminaEnglish:Desires peace
WinonaGerman:Peaceful friend
WilmaGerman:Resolute or famous
WhitleyEnglish:From the white valley; surname
WallisEgyptian:Newly born
WynneEnglish:Friend”s field; a surname and variant of Winfield
WeslynGerman:Defending warrior
WinnifredGerman:Peaceful friend
WendelinSlavic:Great glory
WestlynEnglish:From the western cottage; surname
WynifredEnglish:From the windy viIlage, hamlet; surname adapted to first name use
WakiEnglish:Guard, watchman; surname
WaldhurgaEnglish:Cottage by the wall, possibly a Welshman”s cottage; surname
WandeNative American:White eagle (Sioux)
WaynokaNative American:Graceful (Shawnee)
WelcomeEnglish:From the meadow near the weir (a trap for catching fish); variant of Warley
WestleyEnglish:From the western farm; surname
WicahpiEnglish:From the white moor
WiebkeEnglish:From the village meadow; surname
WihakaydaEnglish:From the spring farm
WikoliaEnglish:Famous in battle