Girl names that start with X

True—there aren’t many X names for baby girls, but we’ve got exciting, exuberant and exotic names like Xi and Xyleena right here.

XiomaraGreek:Welcoming; hospitable.
XenaIn Greek mythology, Xena was an immortal horse belonging to Achilles, given the power of speech by Hera so that he could…
XeniaBasque:Named for Saint James
XuxaSpanish:Hearkening, listening; variant of Simon
XiaGreek:Stranger; also a common variant of Xenophon
XioNickname for Xiomara
XylianaGerman:Famous in battle; variant of Geomar
XabrinaEnglish:From Wine”s forest
XavierreGreek:Fair horse
XhosaGreek:Strange voice
XyleenaBasque OriginHearkening, listening; variant of Simon
XylonaGreek:Lives in the forest, loves the forest