Girl names that start with Z

From Zara to Zoe, we’ve got dozens of amazing Z names for your future daughter.

ZoeThere’s something so adorable and fun about the name Zoe. Maybe it’s the relation to a certain Sesame Street character. Or…
ZoeyVariant of
Zoe that first became popular in 1995
ZaraSpanish Origin
ZephyrGreek:Life of Zeus
ZeldaHebrew Origin
ZiaRussian:Russian form of Joan
ZetaTeutonic:Armored battle maiden
ZinniaHebrew:Worthy, to be praised
ZaharaHindi Origin
ZellaGreek:Variant of Selena, Celine
ZannaSpanish Origin
ZelenaHebrew:Careful, protective
ZoelleArabic:Shining light
ZaideeArabic:Dazzling, splendor
ZinoviaEnglish:Welcoming, hospitable; variant of Xenia
ZofieGreek:Life, energy
ZylinaPolish:Polish form of Suzanne
ZadaHebrew Origin
ZafirahEnglish Origin
ZahavahArabic:Victorious, successful
ZaidaArabic:Self-denying, ascetic, abstemious; if accent is placed on the second syllable, means moderate, little, trifling, insignificant…
ZainaArabic:Increases, grows
ZainabuArabic:Lucky, bountiful; also used in auction language, meaning to outbid another
ZalikaHebrew:Pure, sinless, innocent
ZalikiEnglish Origin
ZanobiaArabic OriginEverything that is good and beautiful; Zane is the masculine version of Zein, meaning ornaments or anything that will make…
ZantheSpanish Origin
ZarahArabic:Father”s ornament, petite and voluptuous
ZariaArabic Origin
ZaydaHebrew:Beautiful princess; spelling variant of names Sarah and Linda
ZaynaGreek OriginGod protect the king; biblical king of Babylon who learned of his impending defeat by literally reading the writing on the…
ZehiraHebrew:The Lord is mighty and just; biblical king of Judah
ZelenkaEnglish OriginAbbreviation of Ezekiel
ZemirahGerman:Blessed, happy in life; variant of Selig
ZemoraAfrican:One who knows the way (Bobangi)
ZemorahEnglish:Variant of Selma
ZenaLatin:Name given to Simon, one of the apostles, probably in association with the sect of Zealots
ZenechkaAfrican:News, but predominantly when the name is used, it is a variant of Xenia, meaning welcoming
ZeniaGreek Origin
ZenjaGreek OriginWomanly; also Greek variant of Xenia, meaning welcoming
ZenobiaIf you’re looking for an electrifying name, Zenobia is a great choice considering her name means “force of Zeus.” Obviously…
ZephiraGreek:Born of Zeus; originally a male name, after the Greek mythological youngest son of Cronus and Rhea.
ZephrineGreek:Sign; Queen Zenobia was third century ruler of the wealthy Arabian desert city of Palmyra.
ZephyraGreek:Derived from the name Zeus, ruler of the gods in Greek mythology. Greek philosopher Zeno was the founder of stoicism.
ZereldaGreek:West wind, the gentle wind
ZeuxippeLatin:Beautiful dawn; Zerlina is a young girl pursued by the Don in Mozart”s opera Don Giovanni.
ZeziliaLatin:Mythical son of Syllis the nymph and the god Apollo
ZhannaHebrew:Familar form of Zebediah, Zebulon and other similar Hebrew names
ZibiahRussian:Russian form of Eugenia noble
ZillaHebrew Origin
ZillahHebrew Origin
ZinaA short name with many meanings! Zina (not to be confused for the Warrior Princess, Xena) appears in African, Greek, Hebrew…
ZinaidaHebrew:Shadow; an Old Testament name
ZipporaItalian:Fair, light-skinned
ZissiHebrew:Name of an ancient citadel located in the center of Jerusalem. Zion is also used to refer to a Jewish homeland and to heaven…