How To Entertain a 9-Month Old Baby

I don’t know if it’s Bee’s personality or her age, but entertaining this 9-month old has proven to be quite a challenge these days! Bee has always preferred constant, new stimulation, but lately we’re experiencing her need-for-speed at a whole new level. Luckily, we’ve landed on a few tips and tricks along the way. Here’s how we’re keeping Bee entertained (and trying to keep up while we’re at it!):

How To Entertain a Baby

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A Basket Of Toys

Chances are, your baby tires of his/her toys quickly. We have a few separate baskets of toys for this reason – when she’s bored with one, we switch it out for another in a week or so. Half of the fun is digging for new objects she never remembered she had!


A trip to the park is loads of fun for babies at this stage. Bonus: Babies love to watch other babies, and you’ll never find more than on a sunny afternoon at the playground!

Walking Practice

If you have an exersaucer, you’ve probably noticed that it’s no longer for sitting and playing quietly! Bee has been walking laps around the kitchen in her version, happily chasing dog tails and bare toes.


Baby playdates are perfect for this stage, as you can really start to see some major personality and interaction coming through. Plus, who doesn’t love mom chat?

The Zoo

If you have a local zoo, I highly recommend purchasing a membership! It’s a great way to dash in for a few hours and get some fresh air, a nice walk and some external stimulation for that sweet baby of yours.

Furniture Arranging

If your baby is super mobile, playing with furniture is probably high on his/her to do list. These soft ottomans are perfectly sized for Bee and are just sturdy enough that they don’t topple over. (Bee likes to use them as a chew toy, clearly!)

Car Trips

To be honest, Bee doesn’t love car trips nearly as much as we do, but we can almost always guarantee a half hour nap along the way!


Mirrors and reflective glass can provide endless entertainment during this phase! We’ve been enjoying lots of “self-reflection” lately.


Bee loves pillows, and we often pile them together for bouncing, snuggling and, of course, chewing.

Crawling Races

If your baby is a fast crawler, why not host a crawling race with your little? Bee loves when I get down on her level and race her across the kitchen floor. (She always wins!)

Enjoy Non-Toys

Bee loves non-toys most of all – papers, magazines, remotes, and in this case, passports! I sometimes give her a few grown-up objects to explore new textures and smells. This one’s a fan favorite!

Pet Play

Bee and our dog Bernie are the best of friends. She often likes to “tuck him in” when he retreats to his cage!

Obstacle Courses

Bee likes to weave herself in and out of our kitchen stools, so sometimes we set up fun obstacle courses for her to crawl under and through. She has a blast!

Going Shopping

Bee loves to go “shopping” in our office, gathering pieces of fabric and paper to chew and explore. We keep them in a tote for her to carry around throughout the house, just like Mama.

Light Games

Turning light switches on and off is one of Bee’s greatest pleasures right now, although I’m not sure which is brighter – the bulb or her surprised smile every time the light comes on!


Bee loves listening to the morning birds chirp and quietly gazing outside for a few minutes while she wakes up slowly. It’s one of the sweetest moments of our days!


Bee likes to be a part of the action, so we love having a high chair that pulls up to our table so she can dine with us. We keep her entertained with small bites of “grown-up” food!


Crumpling paper and shredding receipts is a fun pasttime for Bee. Bonus? We never have to use a paper shredder for those important documents!

Digging Deep

An industrial cart holds crafts and baby-friendly items that Bee loves digging into on rainy days.

Stroller Rides

With the weather turning into springtime (finally!), stroller rides are a big part of our day!

Not Working

…and, last but not least, for something that won’t keep your little one entertained? Uploading blog posts. 😉 Happy playtime, Mamas!

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