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10 Great Ideas to Grow Your Small Business fast – Marketing Strategies

10 Great Ideas to Grow Your Small Business fast – Marketing Strategies

Your business will not flourish without a well-executed, multimedia marketing strategy. Successful marketing campaigns depend on the message, timing, and tracking. Tracking is essential. Why spend money if you can’t figure out whether something is working or not?
I love collecting cool marketing ideas—the nuttier the better. That’s why this chapter includes the most great ideas.
The key to marketing is to set a goal and figure out how to reach it.
Today, social media marketing is in fashion, but not everyone looks for information online.

Let’s talk about the best Marketing Strategies, which will make your small Business grow fast:

  1. Use Coupons to Attract Customers

Coupons are great because they are cheap to print and easy to distribute. I’ve spoken with many small business owners who have had less-than-positive experiences with the concept, especially when long-standing customers don’t participate in the deal. You don’t want to alienate your loyal customers for a one-time hit.
No matter what you do, dream up a compelling offer. Anything “free”
works if you have some sort of retail operation. It doesn’t matter what
you offer as long as it has a high perceived value. Think of all the makeup
samples and bags you’ve collected through the years just because it was
free with a purchase.

  1. Set Up a Strong Referral Network

Successful entrepreneurs know “what goes around comes around.” While many referrals are made informally by word-of-mouth, smart entrepreneurs take it a step further. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, but incentives can help.

• Establish a “best customer” program. Reward referrals with cash, free
shipping, two-for-one and early-bird specials, or extra discounts on
products they buy frequently.
• Ask customers to refer new business to you.
• Publicize referrals on your web site or newsletter. People love to be
recognized for helping you succeed.
• Off er incentives to your employees who refer new business. A halfday off with pay is a great way to say thank you for landing a new
client or customer.
• Thank customers for referrals by sending fl owers, a fruit basket, a gift
certifi cate for a restaurant, or movie tickets.

  1. Design a Great Sign for Your Business

Your sign is a big magnet for business, especially if you are located on a busy road or in a strip mall. You don’t need a big budget to design an attractive sign for your business. Many sign makers rely on computer technology to design aff ordable signs. Or hire a sign painter for something more unique. Put contact information and hours of operation on the edge of an awning. No matter what kind of sign you order, try to include your phone number, hours of operation, and Web address.

  1. Put Your Company Name on Everything

It sounds so simple, but too many small companies neglect to put their name and phone number on their products. Your package should be a tiny billboard to attract repeat sales. Always include your address, phone number, and web site. If people liked your products, you want to make sure they know how to buy more.

  1. Use Great Public Relations to Promote Your Business

One of the best ways to generate publicity for your company is to do something positive for the community. You might consider inviting your local radio or television station or paper to participate in your event as a media sponsor. News outlets often support community events as well as cover them.

  1. Treat Your Best Clients Well

Treating your best clients well seems like a no brainer, but too oft en, we take them for granted. When my clients call, I drop everything to respond to their requests.  Never take your clients or customers for granted. And, don’t be shy about asking them what else you can do for them. Remember, most new business comes from your existing customers and clients.

  1. Know Your Competition

Entrepreneurs love to brag about beating their competition, but the truth is that most small business owners are too busy to know what their competition is up to. But remember, operating your business in a vacuum can lead to its demise.

  1. Forsake the Yellow Pages and other printed directories

The printed telephone directory may soon be just a doorstop or fodder for recycling. Many companies are forsaking printed directories in favor of promoting online access to business and consumer information because they know the power of promoting online.

  1. Send Pizza to Potential Clients

Pizza is hot, gooey, and delicious—it’s also a great way to generate new business, especially if you are in the advertising or marketing business.
Here’s a great, slightly crazy idea I heard from a Florida advertising guy:
Order a pizza and personally deliver it right before lunchtime to a client you are wooing. Remove one slice from the box and replace it with a message such as: “For a larger slice of your market, call us,” or “We want
a piece of your business.”

  1. Think BIG—Why Not?

All the successful entrepreneurs have taught me one thing: it doesn’t cost any more to think big than it does to think small.

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