Maternity-Wear Must Haves – Stock up on pregnancy fashion essentials

Are you wondering just what maternity clothes you should stock up on for pregnancy? Take a look at our practical must-haves (and some fun extras) to help you spice up your pregnancy wardrobe.

Classic White Button-Down

It’s simple, it’s comfortable, and it’s elegant. You can’t go wrong with a white button-down shirt during pregnancy. Don’t want to invest in one? Borrow a white dress shirt from your husband.

Empire-Waist Dress

It’s cute, sexy, and looks great for day or evening. An empire-waist dress is distinctly feminine and still accommodates your changing body.

Waistband Expanders

These things are little lifesavers. With them, you can wear pretty much all of your pre-pregnancy clothes. Depending on what style you go with, expanders work by creating a faux waistband for your jeans, allowing you to buy some extra inches. There are several type to choose from. Some, like the Bella Band, consist of a stretchy band of fabric which is placed over your open jeans to create a new “belted” waistband (such as the one pictured here). Others offer fabric patches that insert in your jeans’ fly to build a patch between open zippers. No matter what type you choose, you’ll have pants that fit and stretch to allow for your growing tummy.

The Little Black Dress

Sexy, stylish, and sophisticated. Every pregnant woman should have a little black dress! Wondering what makes for the perfect pregnancy dress? Look for comfortable cuts, breathable and stretchy fabrics, and designs that make you feel special and attractive.


Longer, tailored sweaters can help you transform a basic maternity outfit into something extraordinary. (Plus a good cardigan can keep chills away in an office or supermarket.) Cardigans are a maternity wardrobe staple. You can even stick with prematernity styles, just look buttons or ties that accomodate your growing belly.

Comfy and Stretchy Tops

A great maternity-wear choice is long T-shirts made of stretchy material. Look for any type of fabric that moves and you’re sure to feel fabulous (plus, you’ll show off your bump without looking too big).

A Good Pair of Jeans

It is doubtful that you’ll be able to squeeze yourself into your pre-pregnancy pants after the fourth month. Instead, borrow or buy a quality pair of maternity jeans. They can sit either above your belly or below and can even be found with a stretchy middle for your expanding tummy.

The Perfect Pant

Comfortable and stylish pants are a definite necessity for any expecting woman, whether you’re heading off to work or running errands around town. Look for stretchy material so the pants will hug your new curves but not restrict your mobility. The good thing about finding the perfect pant: those just-right slacks can go with any outfit and won’t knock a hole in your budget.

Drawstring Pants

The great thing about drawstring pants is that you may already own a pair. If you don’t, purchase a pair in your regular size (or near it). Just don’t cinch tightly and they’ll expand with your belly. Plus, you might be able to wear them postpartum!

Elastic-Top Skirt

Here’s another great item you might already have: a skirt with an elastic waist. That stretchy top can help this pregnancy fashion staple last throughout much of your pregnancy, just be sure it feels comfortable and unrestricting.

Fun Prints

Sick of solids? Have some fun with your maternity wear selections. Go for interesting prints and designs on your T-shirts. Buy a long-sleeved shirt with a bit of embroidery on the arms or has a pattern. Don’t let pregnancy change your taste in clothes. Wear what you would wear normally.

Black Jacket

Just like a little black dress, a black jacket will go with just about anything. You can dress up any outfit or simply throw it on if you’re feeling chilly. Plus, it can work wonders for camouflaging that bump, if you’re not yet ready to share your big news.

Comfy Shoes

If you work in an office, dressy attire may be a requirement—but that’s no reason to put yourself and your baby at risk. Opt for flats rather than heels to avoid tripping or stumbling. If you just can’t pass up on heels, look for a “kitten heel” (popularized by the iconic Audrey Hepburn, this is a one and one-half to two-inch thick heel) for comfort and balance. Today’s styles offer many cute flats and clogs (to slip on without bending over!) that will pamper your feet, too.

Support Hose

Not only do they keep your legs looking shapely, but maternity support hose can drastically reduce the occurrence of varicose veins. Plus, some hose can help support your tummy and back, keeping you in prime posture and feeling good.

Essential Underthings

Well-fitting underthings are one of the keys to a comfortable pregnancy. And with today’s great styles, maternity does not mean dowdy. You can still wear sexy underwear! Be sure to add a good nursing bra to your maternity undergarment to-get list, too. (Your breasts can grow a full cup size larger during pregnancy.)

Maternity Swimsuit

Finding a maternity swimsuit these days is easier than ever. From bikinis to tankinis to skirted one-pieces, there’s a host of styles to choose from. Whatever you decide on, be sure to pick a suit that will grow with your belly!


Don’t be afraid to have fun with your pregnancy clothes. Scarves, bracelets, hair ties—accessories won’t break your budget but will make you feel excited about adding something new to your wardrobe.

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