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Outdoor Activities list of Top 13 in Dubai

Outdoor Activities list of Top 13 in Dubai

Scuba Diving

outdoor activities in dubai Scuba Diving in dubai

A popular local activity, you will find good diving in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and some of the East Coast towns. The wrecks off Dubai promise varied dives. Mention should be made of the “Neptune 6”, an escort ship of a drilling platform, which sank in bad weather after an accidental collision in 1973, the “Lion City”, a coastal tanker that was used by the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates for target practice and the 172 m long Georgian oil tanker “Zainab”, which illegally transported oil from Iraq during the first Gulf War and was sunk by the crew in April 2001 in order to escape control by the US Navy. The ship lies intact at a depth of 30 m and the bridge and engine room are easy to dive.


outdoor activities in dubai Fishing

Join an organized fishing trip where equipment is provided. Cook your fish on board or even charter your own boat. 

Most vacationers in Dubai who want to go on a fishing trip are confronted with a variety of big game fishing offers. The Persian Gulf is valued by anglers for monster barracudas, giant groupers and stately cobias.

However, if you prefer to fish comfortably without strong waves and with solid ground under your feet, you can also make very nice catches from the beach. Young fish of numerous predatory fish species cavort here near the shore and can be fished with rubber baits by jigging.

Wind Surfing

outdoor activities in dubai wind Surfing

Great winds make Dubai ideal for wind surfing. Most good beach resorts hire out windsurfing equipment and also offer windsurfing lessons. The Dubai water generally has light to medium strength currents, usually providing perfect conditions for beginners to get their sea legs and then for more advanced surfers to be able to test themselves in choppier, most fast paced water. Windsurfing in Dubai truly caters to all!

Kite Surfing

outdoor activities in dubai Wind Surfing

Join the friendly local kite surfers on Dubai’s popular Kite Beach. You can hire or buy equipment from North Kites, who can help connect you with instructors. Dubai  is definitely one of the top places in the region when it comes to places to learn and kite. Beaches are super safe because of how big they are. You can find flat water almost anywhere, which makes for the perfect learning condition. you will have great conditions to enjoy kitesurfing in Dubai, especially over the winter months.


outdoor activities in dubai Sailing

The Gulf winds are great for sailing. Hire a catamaran if you are an experienced sailor. Beginners can take lessons.  Sailing is a thrilling and very pleasurable hobby, and what better place to sail than in the beautiful surroundings of Palm Jumeirah? Sailing lessons are a great way to get involved in this sport for the first time – or to brush up on your existing sailing skills.


outdoor activities in dubai Golfing

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are awash with world-beating courses, and new ones appear to spring up each month. Several international competitions take place every year, including the Dubai Desert Classic at the city’s largest course, the Emirates Golf Club. Since opening the region’s first grass course in 1988, Dubai has shown an unwavering commitment to the sport and is now one of the most esteemed golf locations on the planet. Home to 11 of the finest courses in the world, Dubai is an extraordinary golf destination that should be on every golfer’s bucket list.

Hot-air Ballooning

outdoor activities in dubai Hot-air Ballooning

Getting a bird’s-eye-view from a hot air balloon is simply sublime. Only by floating way above the dunes can you fully appreciate the waves of sand and patterns of light and shadow crafted by the ridges that are impossible to see from the ground. Dubai’s breathtaking landscape makes it a top global destination for air balloon flights. The terrific flying conditions allow for amazing views of the spectacular, surrealistic landscapes. Enjoying a Hot Air Balloon ride over one of the most magical places on earth is an experience not to be missed.


outdoor activities in dubai Wakeboarding

Try your hand at some wakeboarding tricks as you ride the waves on the Arabian Gulf sea. Ask your resort for a trainer if you’re a first-timer. Wakeboarding or wakesurfing in Dubai is a wonderful experience that will not leave anyone indifferent. Rent a boat with an instructor, get up on the board and you will discover a beautiful new world, and the beauty of the coastline of Dubai will add brightness to your emotions


outdoor activities in dubai Horseriding

Where better to mount a horse than in the Middle East’s undisputed equestrian capital? Indulge in a bit of horseriding  in Dubai or even polo in Abu Dhabi. The horseback ride in Dubai is ideal for discovering the desert life of the Sahara, between dunes, arid plateaus, oases, palm groves and kasbahs. Like the many nomads who populate this majestic Sahara desert.

Motor Racing

outdoor activities in dubai Motor Racing

Adrenaline-junkies can burn rubber driving pro-karts at the Dubai Autodrome. The Formula 1 standard racing circuit has 17 hair-raising turns! Book ahead for lessons at the driving school. But finding the right tutelage can be difficult as there are a number of driving and racing schools available, all of which offer different techniques and levels of difficulty to chose from. Finding the right school for you—though we’re of the mindset that any amount of supplemental training is beneficial—can be a challenging process.


outdoor activities in dubai Kayaking

Kayaking in Dubai is one of the adventurous water sports that offers the simplest way to explore the Dubai coastline and doesn’t need any previous water-sport experience in any kind. Beautiful beaches and lagoons of Dubai are perfect for all kinds of water sports. Kayaking is one of the easiest ways to explore the coastline, and it doesn’t require any kind of previous water-sport experience. … Many hotels such as Hilton Dubai Jumeirah have rentals offering kayaks for one, two or more persons.


outdoor activities in dubai camping

The desert can be a land of extreme contradictions—harsh but beautiful, stifling hot to downright cold, bone dry followed by a flash flood, and seemingly barren but actually teeming with life. Which is one of the things that makes it a fascinating place to visit. Camping in the desert of dubai is very romantic experince to live.


outdoor activities in dubai Hiking

the desert is an impressive place because of the beauty and life that can be found there, despite meager precipitation and often high temperatures. The plant and animal life that does survive in arid conditions is highly adapted—just as you will have to be if you hike there.

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