Pregnancy Sleep and Comfort Checklist

Everyone talks about how little sleep you’ll get once your baby arrives, but what about the tossing and turning during your final months of pregnancy? Try these items to rest, relax, and take time out for yourself before Baby arrives.


Maternity bras and briefsA good maternity bra and comfortable briefs are an absolute must for expecting moms. You’ll gain the support you need for your growing breasts and even help ease that back pain. Many women find that wearing a bra to bed eases night discomfort. Comfortable briefs can be bought at a plus-sized store. They come in all sorts of styles and colors, so you don’t have to feel that maternity frump.
Maternity skin careLotions are a must for pregnant women. Keeping skin emollient can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and alleviate the itching that often accompanies growing bellies, breasts, and hips. With hundreds of brands available, it’s really an individual’s preference as to what lotion, cream, or body butter is the best. Don’t forget to add daily sunscreen as a vital part of your skincare routine—pregnant women’s skin often becomes more sensitive to the sun’s rays.
Lightweight, comfortable pajamasA soft cotton or flannel pajama set may be just the thing you need to have a relaxing night’s sleep. If you plan on nursing, you may want to purchase some nursing pajamas that button up in the front.
SlippersA soft, comfortable pair of slippers makes a great addition to your comfort wardrobe and can stay right next to your bed. Your temperature fluctuates a lot during pregnancy, so you may find yourself with Popsicle toes on occasion. Keep a toasty pair of slippers close by for those cold feet emergencies.
RobeA plush, comfy robe can make all the difference in your morning. It’s important to surround yourself with relaxing and comforting things. Soon, your focus will be all on Baby. Try to focus on yourself for now and indulge in the soft and warm things in life like a bathrobe. These are great because you can wear it pre- and post pregnancy as well. The tie can easily adjust to fit and you’ll be warm and toasty.


Body pillow or extra pillowsSleeping during pregnancy can be a real chore. But you can make yourself more comfortable by using extra pillows to prop your body into a comfortable position. Use one pillow under your tummy as you lie on your left side. Use another against your back to prevent you from rolling over and yet another between your knees. Or, you can purchase a body pillow that is specifically designed for supporting the pregnant woman’s body.
The right beddingYou don’t want to be kept up all night because you’re either too hot or too cold. Make sure you have light cotton bedding for those hot summer months and warm and toasty flannel bedding for the cold winter. As always, choose a style and design that appeals to you and makes you feel good.
NightlightYou’ll be getting up a lot in the middle of the night for bathroom breaks; light the way with a nightlight. You need to keep yourself and Baby safe, so tripping over the dresser is not a good idea. Simply plug a nightlight into your wall socket and it should provide enough illumination for you to see the way to the bathroom but not be so bright that it keeps you up at night.
Air conditioner, fan, or heaterThere’s nothing worse than trying to go to bed when you’re sweating in heat. That’s why investing in an air conditioner or a fan at least is a great way to keep it cool during the summer when temperatures are unbearable and your body is overheating anyway. If more warmth is what you need, a small heater can keep the bedroom at a comfortable temperature and you asleep at night.


Lavender lotion or oil, or bath productsLavender oil is very soothing and relaxing. Unwind with some scented lavender lotion. Have your partner give you a massage on those pregnancy-fatigued spots like your back and feet. Or, immerse yourself in the tub with some lavender bubble bath. Soak up the scent and relax.
Scented eye pillowScented eye pillows help promote relaxation and calming sensations. Lie back with an eye pillow and feel the tension give away. These are particularly great for expecting moms who can’t stop thinking and stressing about what is to come before they go to bed.
Aromatherapy candlesLight a lavender or chamomile scented candle and you’ll feel the tension and stress leave your body. Pamper yourself with aromatherapy candles to ease your mind and soul, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep before Baby arrives.
Maternity girdleTo stay comfortable and relieve the pressure on your back and hips, wear a maternity girdle. They help to lift your belly off of your pelvis a bit and keep you supported and standing tall. Also, it is great for taking the strain off of an expecting mom’s legs.
Support hoseFeel supported and comfy with support hose. They keep your legs looking shapely and help to prevent varicose veins. Just make sure they aren’t too restricting in the midsection. You want to improve blood flow with the hose, not restrict it!
Hot/cold packsFor swollen feetaching backs, and pounding headaches, invest in some hot and cold packs. You’ll be glad you have them when pregnancy-related aches and pains knock on your door and you have these nifty items to soothe them away.

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