Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Men

All right guys, let’s do it right this year. We’re giving you a serious heads up – Valentine’s Day is February 14th  (just like last year and all the other years before that). It’s after the Super Bowl, if that helps.

Get it together with our list of gift ideas and must dos to set the scene for romance. We’re here to help make this Valentine’s Day memorable for her and bearable for you. Take a deep breath and let’s get started.

Just do it. This is probably the easiest gift out there. You can go traditional with red roses or show her your more than a cliché with a bouquet of mixed flowers.  Order online. Ship to her office. Wait for her to call and gush about her jealous co-workers. 

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that there is really nothing sexier than a man who knows his way around a kitchen. Add in some ingredients with aphrodisiac qualities (such as oysters, figs or pomegranate) and you’ll have her eating out of your hand in no time.

Don’t know a soup from a soufflé? Fake it. Hit up your local gourmet grocery store and buy a few pre-prepared dishes.

Be sure to set the scene. Dim the lights, get a decent bottle of wine and add a few candles – then watch her melt.

This is a tricky one. You don’t want to overthink a gift but you certainly don’t want her to think didn’t put any effort into it.  A little token of your love can go along way. Perhaps she loves cooking, art or sports. Use her passions in life as inspiration for a thoughtful gift.

When in doubt, gourmet chocolates and a bottle of fine champagne (skip the sparkling wine and get the real deal) can work wonders. It’s no secret that women love a little sparkle so jewelry is always a lovely gift.

She won’t know what happened when you whisk her away on a spontaneous weekend getaway to her favorite destination or a newly discovered hideaway. It’s the ultimate way to treat her to something romantic she’ll never forget. 

Whether you decide on a local retreat or a more exotic locale, planning ahead is key. Rates go up and options dwindle the longer you wait. 

The moral of this post is really all about making her feel loved. Put in a little effort this Valentine’s Day and you’ll surely be rewarded. 

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