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THE 10 BEST Shawarma Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

THE 10 BEST Shawarma Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern meal that is made from marinated meat, such as lamb, beef, and chicken. It is one of the world’s most popular street foods, especially in UAE. Shawarma is traditionally served either on its own or enjoyed tucked inside a warm flatbread such as pita or lavash. However, what really sets it apart from the Turkish döner kebab, Greek gyros, or other similar foods is the extent of garnishes and condiments offered with it. And because the shawarma is mostly served as sandwiches, it is very suitable for the rapid growth of the beloved Emirates and for people who do not have time and want to have a quick delicious meal without sitting at a restaurant table.  But what are the best shawarma restaurants in Abu Dhabi to get the best shawarma. So have a scroll below and read our thoughts on each spot, find your favourite, and then call ahead to book – enjoy your shawarma.

THE 10 BEST Shawarma Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

1. Zahrat Lebnan - Defence St


Rating 4.6 with 10058 reviews

Zahrat Lebnan - Defence St. - زهرة لبنان شارع الدفاع

Zahrat Lebnan – Defence St.

Zahrat Lebnan is identified as one of the Abu Dhabi’s finest culinary landmarks since 1983. Zahrat Lebnan offer authentic Lebanese cuisine and have been a pioneer in the F&B market for over 35 years. On having a presence in the market for over three decades, it would be only right to say that Zahrat Lebnan has indeed become a go-to restaurant for locals, expats, and tourists. With 7 retail establishments in key locations of Abu Dhabi, it has become people’s favorite restaurant in the region. (The Mix Grill is worth trying at Zahrat Lebnan, it never disappoints, not to forget the Lebanese Cold Mezza and Shawarma). Zahrat Lebnan’s expert chefs and

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2. Bait El Khetyar -Najdah


Rating 4.3 with 3152 reviews

3. Pasha Turkish Restaurant


Rating 4.4 with 1230 reviews

Pasha Turkish Restaurant - مطعم باشا التركي

Pasha Turkish Restaurant

Pasha Turkish Restaurant (Formerly known as “Al Afiya”) takes its’ own concept of bringing the authentic and best Turkish Cuisine. Pasha Turkish Restaurant  Established in 1992 originally marked on the heritage of Abu Dhabi, They provide the finest customer service and the classical taste of Turkish food refined over the ages. Continuing its remarkable imprint to bring the best of customer satisfaction,  Pasha Turkish Restaurant  prepare all food menu fresh daily from bread to all meat marination products with ingredients originally tracked from Turkey.

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4. King Grill & Fresh Broasted Restaurant


Rating 4.2 with 1781 reviews

5. Lebanese Mill Cafeteria & Restaurant


Rating 4.0 with 1164 reviews

6. Shish Shawerma Corniche


Rating 4.2 with 842 reviews

7. Liwan Mansour Restaurant & Grill - AlKhalidiya


Rating 4.2 with 579 reviews

Liwan Mansour Restaurant & Grill - AlKhalidiya مطعم ومشاوي ليوان منصور - الخالدية

Liwan Mansour Restaurant & Grill – AlKhalidiya

Al mansour’s always trying to give their customers customers a place to celebrate life’s special moments by offering the best food, service, and ambiance in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Liwan Mansour Restaurant & Grill Serves you The Best Variety Of Lebanese food like no other. Liwan Is An Arabic Word Meaning A Covered Terrace, With A Courtyard In Front. It Can Also Mean A Ceremonial Entrance Hall. An Ancient And Essential Part Of Levantine Architecture, Which Influenced Many Buildings In Later Years, To This Day. Mansour the Name of their founders youngest Son, which passed away In August 2015.

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8. Shawarma Street


Rating 4.1 with 653 reviews

Shawarma Street

Shawarma Street

Shawarma Street is located in 5 different locations in the city of Abu Dhabi & Dubai and focuses on its enthusiasm for serving its customers freshly grilled beef and chicken shawarma and a range of other delicious food items.   Loved, hated but never ignored the family is one known for their intimidating and mysterious qualities that naturally demand respect. Don Pappy the leader of this family is the shot caller who depends on its members to complete missions he assigns them. His eldest son Toppy the underboss is in charge of sealing deals and making sure the

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9. Kings Shawarma Restaurant


Rating 3.9 with 601 reviews

10. Maroosh Restaurant


Rating 3.9 with 541 reviews

Maroosh Restaurant | Lebanese Food & Shawarma | Defence Road - Abu Dhabi

Maroosh Restaurant

Maroosh Restaurant has been at the heart of delectable, mouthwatering local dishes in the Middle East for more than 30 years. Serving up a tasty, moreish range of delicious grilled meats, freshly made shawarmas and mouthwatering hot and cold mezze, the restaurant has become the go-to place for authentic Middle Eastern food in Abu Dhabi. Nicknamed the “Masters of the Grill”, Maroosh Restaurant now has locations across both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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