Boy names that start with W

If you want a wonderful baby boy name that starts with the letter W, we’ve got everything from William to Wyclef.

WilliamPerhaps no other name invokes literary thoughts as this one does. William Shakespeare first jumps to mind, as do poet William…
WyattPart cowboy and part gentleman, it’s not hard to see why Wyatt has been riding the name popularity train as of late.
WesleyTeutonic:Protecting army
WadeNative American:Dancing girl (Sioux)
WayneEnglish:Medieval given name from Scandinavian mythology. Also English surname referring to a water crossing.
WalterEnglish Origin
WrenEnglish:From the farm
WinstonEven long after its popularity has worn off, Winston continues to retain its British connection and distinguished air. Most…
WileyEnglish OriginResolute, brilliant
WallaceGerman:Peaceful ruler
WatsonEnglish:Son of Wat
WillieWillie is a nickname for William, but it can also stand on its own— part of the huge trend of using common nicknames as…
WillisEnglish OriginResolute protector; will meaning strong and helm meaning helmet. For centuries after the Norman conquest in 1066 large numbers…
WarnerEnglish:From the field by the weir (trap for catching fish); surname
WaylonWaylon is an Old English name that hasn’t had much traction in America until it moved up an astounding 200 spots in less…
WesEnglish:From the wealthy estate
WaldenEnglish:From the Welshman”s dwellings
WagnerEnglish:From the true man”s manor
WinthropEnglish:From the friend”s (or friendly) town or settlement, or from Wine”s town or settlement; surname
WillardEnglish Origin
WilburPolish Origin
WinslowGerman Origin
WilhelmEnglish:Well-watered meadow; sounds like wily, meaning beguiling or clever; variant of Wylie
WilmerEnglish:From the willow farm
WilbertHawaiian Origin
WaldonEnglish:From the wooded valley; For many, this name is associated with Walden, a classic piece of American literature from Henry…
WilfredoGerman:Untamed, wild
WaylanRussian:Foreign woman, stranger, exotic; variant of Varvara, which is itself a variant of Barbara
WendallNative American:Brother (Algonquin)
WinthorpEnglish:From Windsor
WynstonEnglish:Friend, fair; The root wynn is part of many English given names and surnames, emphasizing the importance of a good friend…
WolfA common Native American name, Wolf is now going mainstream as a short, commanding animal name that sounds current, but not…
WestonEnglish Origin
WeldonEnglish:From the spring brook; no connection to aristocratic birth
WhitleyEnglish Origin
WeylandEnglish:From the western town or settlement; surname
WynterCeltic:White or fair, light-skinned; also a familiar form of Guinevere, Gweneth and similar names
WaerheallEnglish:From Wade”s meadow, from the ford meadow; surname
WaeringawicumEnglish:From Wade”s estate; surname
WainwrightGerman:Wagon maker; an occupational surname
WakeleyEnglish:Wagon maker; an occupational name and surname
WalbridgeEnglish:From Wake”s field, from the damp field; surname
WalbrydgeEnglish:From Wake”s meadow, from the damp meadow; surname
WaldifridGerman:Divine power; feminine form of Waldo and Oswald
WaldmuntGerman:Famous ruler
WalfredEnglish:From the Welshman”s hill
WalfridEnglish:Welsh woman; feminine form of Wallace
WallerGerman:Peaceful ruler
WalmondEnglish:Welshman; Sir William Wallace was a Scottish hero who led a revolt against King Edward I of England.
WambleeGerman:Powerful warrior, ruler of an army
WamukotaEnglish:From the Welshman”s town or settlement
WapiEnglish:Pale, fair-faced; could also be given as a phonetic spelling of the Spanish name Juanita
WarfordEnglish:From the watchman”s or guardian”s meadow; surname
WarleyGerman:Defending warrior
WarraneEnglish:From the ford near the weir (a trap for catching fish)
WartunEnglish:From the meadow near the weir (a trap for catching fish)
WashburneEnglish:From the town or settlement near the weir (a trap for catching fish); surname
WashingtonEnglish Origin