What advice would you give to new moms going back to work?

Becoming a mom is the most important job a woman can ever have. There’s nothing like bringing life into the world, and watching it flourish. For Today Show correspondent and new mom, Jenna Wolfe, giving birth to her daughter, Harper, has been one crazy ride – a journey I know all too well.

Wolfe’s first few months with her baby girl have come and gone in a flash. Now she’s back at work, after being away on maternity leave. As she stated on the show, “getting your mind, body, and wit back in order has been an adventure in and of itself.” Needless to say, making the transition from being a stay-at-home mom to working outside of the home can be challenging. TODAY Moms readers offered up some advice to help her along.

Regina Savini Duller says, “Try to stay focused at work; then focused at home with baby; and be sure to get sleep to do it all over again the next day.

Katelyn Carr advises, “Have the babysitter send updates through text message with pictures.”

Lorraine Smith jokingly adds, “The best advice I received was from a lactation consultant just before I left the hospital. She said: “None of my children ever told me ‘Gee, Mom, I’m sure glad you did those dishes!’ Laundry, dishes, and cleaning can wait. Your baby cannot.” Every moment with my daughter is precious, and I’m glad I gave myself permission to be a messy-bessy when necessary!”

Reading all of the comments makes me think about my own situation. I recently returned to work from maternity leave with baby number two. I’m also in the news biz. A normal workload could get tedious, adding breaking news to the mix could equal long days at work. With that in mind, pumping and storing my breast milk has been essential to making sure my baby gets the nutrition he needs. I’ve learned that anything could happen at any time. Princess has been sent home in the past, which meant rushing to daycare to pick her up. With that said, my mom, husband and I have a contingency plan in case of an emergency. These tips have helped me through my own transition.

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3 thoughts on “What advice would you give to new moms going back to work?”

  1. Not only am I a parent of an infant who has had to attend child care. I am an infant teacher at a preschool and see new moms and dads come in to drop their child off all the time. My advice would be:
    1. Cry if you have to. The teachers/child provider will not have a problem with this,they may even cry with you or offer kind,comforting words. Linger all you want,hug your baby, and get to know (if you don’t know them already) your child provider.
    2. As an infant teacher, I encourage all my parents to call or visit whenever. Get an update on how the baby is doing as often as you’d like to help you feel as comfortable as you need to.
    3. If you decide to go back part time to get you and the baby adjusted to a new schedule, do consistent days in a row…like work Mon-Weds,off Thursday & Fri. Don’t skip days. That will throw off the baby and make it harder to adjust him or her to child care and hard on the teachers if the baby isn’t taking to the adjustment very well.
    4. Be as confident as you can be with your awesome parenting/motherly skills. Tell the child care provider of any specifics and make sure they heard you and are listening. You know what is best for your baby and if you go to work knowing that your provider will give it their all to your baby,then it will help you to be more at ease.
    Do keep in mind,though, that if your child is in a preschool, there are other children that the teachers have to care for. Your kid is not the only one they have to tend to..even though I know I love alllllll my babies equally & Im sure other people who love to work with infants/children feel the same way!

  2. This was a very sweet and inspring blog post! One of the hardest things after having a child is getting back into the normal work flow and responsibilities that came before being a mother. I hope the women who see this blog will grow in inspiration as I have.

  3. Focus on work during the day except when pumping. Try to remind yourself of why you work. Are you a necessary provider for your family? Be proud. Is it essential to your wellbeing? That’s important. Let everything extraneous go. I haven’t seen a movie since 2010 because I want to spend time with my kids. That’s okay.

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